Current Date:

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Kamal: Movements Attacks is Shock in Light of Accord and Democratic Transformation

Khartoum - The leading Figure of the people’s congress party and National Assembly Member Kamal Omer has described the acts of the rebel movements in Darfur and attacks on north and east Darfur as a shock in the light of the new parameters after forming the national acoord government.
He noted in a statement to (SUNA) at the parlaiment venue yesterday that all the causes of war are non-existent in the light of the new reality reflected by the dialogue project adding that Darfur is now seein the implemention of many development projects.
He said “ We as an opposition parties extended our hands to the armed movement to come aboard peace  and the dialogue and the reality is now a reality of peace and democratic transformation  and all shoud seize this opportunity to excersie their right of expression of their ideas freely without resorting to violence .
He added that the agreesion that occurred is at the expense of the movments calling on the movement to reort to discretion and joing the progress of accord and national dialogue.