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Sudan Vision View: USA Illogical Policies towards Sudan

The decision of the USA President Trump administration last Thursday 1 November to extend Sudan name in the domain of the US National Emergency  Presidential Decree show the illogic and transparency in the USA diplomacy towards Sudan. 
All the USA official organs, both at the intelligence services or State Dept. levels  know very well that Sudan has been combating and strongly cooperating with other countries and in particular the USA in combatting terrorism, human trafficking and organized crimes.
Many times high level USA officials and diplomats have made statements that there is no justifications for Sudan name to remain in this list or the other more serious list of States that sponsor terrorism.
What is illogical that every few months after such favorable statements the end result is the extension on keeping the country name in these black lists? This makes everyone wonder; what are the hidden or undeclared justifications for these decisions that counter publicly USA official statements towards Sudan.
If the USA has any concerns about certain aspects of the Sudanese policy in these areas  (terrorism, human trafficking organized crime)  why not come out and discuss it frankly with the Sudanese officials to clarify any misunderstanding and even if reasonable these aspects can be amended because the Sudanese national policy in this respect is quite clear.
It is even more illogical that in the week that the Sudanese and American universities had signed joint cooperation agreement comes such a decision.
This policy of double standards must come to an end because it is not only officially unacceptable but more than that condemned by the Sudanese  public opinion who have also  started to wonder about what are the real motives of the USA in Sudan.