Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Echo: IGAD Regular Summit Timing

The IGAD these days tops the political scene in the African continent after its considerable success in stopping the bloodshed among South Sudan rivals through Khartoum key which hosted the rounds of negotiations since last June.
IGAD seizes what has been achieved to call for a regular summit in Addis Ababa supposed to take place today after 9 years of calling for emergency summits.
Observers consider the timing of the call as an African support for the IGAD to Khartoum to complete its steps in South Sudan peace dossier which will be crowned by endorsing the agreements.
The submission of the unresolved issues means that they will be debated by the Council of ministers and recommendations on this respect will be made to the meeting of the IGAD heads of states and government.
The agendas of the summit will include, among other issues, the structure of the organization, its budget, the status of its Secretary-General besides the transformation of the chairmanship to another state.
Most probable that the chairmanship of the IGAD will go to Khartoum considering that Sudan is the guarantor of South Sudan Peace Agreement.