Current Date:

Monday, 19 November 2018

Echo: Together against Human Trafficking

Within its endeavors to resume its regular forum Sudan Vision organizes today an event under the theme (Together against Human Trafficking). The forum is under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic and will take place in Corinthia Hotel from 12:00 noon to 3 p.m.
The opening session will be addressed by State Minister at Foreign Ministry, Osama Faisal who is at the same time the Chairman of Sudan Vision Board of Directors.
Italian Ambassador will also address the forum along with representatives of the international community.
Several working papers will be deliberated including the efforts of the international community, national efforts, human trafficking in the international conventions, assisting the victims of human trafficking, especially children and women.
The outcomes of the forum will be published in the paper and other media outlets.

From the Editor
Sudan's Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking Deserve Appreciation

The Sudanese government has made great efforts to combat trafficking in human beings, but it has not received the necessary appreciation and placed it in an inappropriate classification without taking into account the facts on the ground and its role in combating the phenomenon.
The government is fighting the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings and illegal immigration and issued the first legislation of this kind in the region.
Accordingly, the international community is required to provide more support to Sudan to counter smuggling and trafficking of people across the Sudanese border into Europe.
Large numbers of Eritreans and Ethiopians crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe enter Sudan through its eastern border and from there to Libya or Egypt to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
In eastern Sudan there are more than 87 thousand Eritreans, of which 75,800 live in refugee camps run by the Sudanese refugee agency.
Those refugees are living in bad conditions a matter that requires more funding to improve the condition of refugees and asylum seekers to stop trying to go to Europe.
Sudan needs more support to meet the challenges of smuggling and human trafficking.
The international community is urged to provide more support and cooperation with Khartoum to curb human trafficking and smuggling.
According to UNHCR, 1,100 refugees, mostly Eritreans, arrive in Sudan every month and 80 percent of them are able to make the trip beyond the Mediterranean.
According to official statistics, between 60 and 70 refugees cross the border into Sudan every day, most of them are Eritreans.
Eritreans are third among those crossing the Mediterranean after Syrians and Afghans.