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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Spotlight: How to Benefit from Spare Time

Happy Eid Al-Adha (Sacrifice) to all Muslims worldwide. May Allah make all our dreams come true

.  We hope that all people live in peace, security and stability. After more than a  week  of holidays we are back to work Saturday 25th August 2018. These happy days of Eid Al-Adha are considered good opportunity to convey congratulations to relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues, exchange visits, travel to other parts in the country.
For me it was a precious gift, where I achieved many things during these days, as part of fasting of 9 days of the holy month of Dhul-Hijja where Pilgrims visit performed Hajj, visiting relatives, friends and neighbors. Others may achieve more. Beside rearranging my ideas for new essays in Spotlight column or to conduct some interviews or writing reports or analysis the current economic situations. 
These days of Eid where most of employees, students are free from duties, responsibilities or study. Some of trying to spend their free times in filling these leisure time with useful pursuits in increasing creativity, energy and sense of fulfilment of life. 
Spare time enable us to think in deep, do more. The question is to what extent we benefit from such holidays or free times. We need to set useful plans, by noting our plans or our cell phones, calendar. This will help us to stay better, organized. We can take just 10 minutes of our free time to organize calendar or a day planer. We can write down and organize the dates, and times that our certain obligations will reduce stress and help to keep appointments.
For students; this free time of holydays may help them in developing skills of reading or writing or any hobbies like drawing, painting etc. Some of students whom I met during Eid al Adah expressed their pleasure with these precious days, where they had achieved lots of things. Others complained for such boring days where they failed to do nothing.
Planning is one of the factors of success in life. Spend an afternoon baking and learning how to use new techniques you have never tried before. Dedicate your free time to voluntary at a community clean-up. Helping out at the community clean -up will improve the environment in your neighborhood and help you pass your free time outdoors in the fresh air.
Reading is one of the motivators to help in benefiting from free time, whether you are interested in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, philosophy, or biography reading will engage your mind and help your free time feel more meaningful.
Let us enjoy or leisure time, and benefit from the free time in useful things. Let us enjoy life with its all good and bad things. Let us be creative and not complaining from our life and the sort of living either poor or rich, heathy or sick. This is life. Try to change it for the better. This precious free time,  if we don’t use it we will lose it.