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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Antonym of Human Evolution is Mental Unemployment!

A perplexing  phrase that so many may not have an answer for, it is like asking someone from where does the rain come in my view

, or more descriptively, why we are here at the first place if we weren’t physically and mentally evolving. Human evolution is a destiny written by Allah for human beings and other creatures on earth, it is a well mapped journey that any born creature on this universe has to go through. Likewise, human’s physical evolution yet it’s not controlled by us, but still we have to take some precautions for us to grow well physically, mentally and avoid depletion of energy and getting diseases, as a result of our for instance, inability to take care of our diets, physical and mental nurture. If a human body lacks some nutritious, then that body may in the long run, suffer illness and will be exposed to potential diseases, fatigue and deterioration that, if not taken care of immediately, a complete collapse will prevail and the body functions will cease operating wholly. Likewise is thinking and mental evolution.
We as human, since we were yet a mere seed in our mother’s wombs, we were scheduled out of our knowledge, unconsciously/unwillingly to grow and function properly with no zero error. It is Allah (Sobhanaho Watallah) will that humans are created in the best shape.
This is what I see as Allah’s creational stage. But what has we learnt from this yet Allah (Sobhanaho Watalla) has instructed us that (You go work and I will oversee what you are doing). Do we learn that we as human, somehow have what I see as self-destructive intent? We don’t somehow follow neither our God’s best developmental advises nor advises that we get from our best mentors in schools and colleges if there is any school or college that has ever offered us such precious advises. Human Evolution entails both God’s best developmental practices prescriptions, such as sticking to prayers, straightforwardness, non- depletion of energy and resources on trivial and life destroying practices that drain us spiritually and materially and expose us to only physical and mental dearth.
We only get the best value from Quran at the first place, then we get exposed to books, tubes, mentors, coaches and materials that are geared to nurture us mentally and to boost our value and worth in the eyes of all those we interact with. There is no way ever that one can enjoy these invaluable worth without having them sought and developed. These are keys to personal evolution and development. Without having the required prescriptions, a tiny opportunity is there waiting for us to grab.
Unemployment is not a national obligation, yet unemployment is prevailing everywhere, but most causes of unemployment are likely due to personal negligence, unwillingness to grow, to learn more and to be valuable. We only be valuable when we are valuable.
A graduate who is complaining that there is no jobs in the marketplace, a non-graduate or even a most low skilled human on this universe has a potential to be employing others not only his/her own if could only learn the principles of mental growing. Life is principles centered. A tree doesn’t grow if it doesn’t get a regular supply of water nor a human mind if it lacks the principle of growing.  So, all is a principle centered that we either comply with or get incompliant and as a result, drain, lose or get the same result as to our compliance magnitude.
Finally, I don’t believe in the so-called unemployment phrase, I would rather rephrase it to “intentional desire to be unproductive not unemployed”. We are all employed in one way or another by paying a price of looking after our families even if we don’t have paying jobs, we protect our families from being harassed, we ask for regular supply of water to trees inside our houses, by filling our fridge’s containers for cold water, by going to converse with other friends, by going to condole some friends or families of their lose….etc. We have jobs that we do unconsciously. This is what better be called the antonym for unemployment. But unemployment stands for “intentional desire or failure” to be productive to provide for our families or to meet our personal commitments and obligations.  So, unemployment is not an issue, what does really looks like a cornerstone issue is our own unintentionality to be productive yet all means are carefully written, stipulated and articulated everywhere we go, they are just few steps away from our grab. What really pain is that we do know them by heart, we know that if we can’t go to school, we can’t have a good opportunity, if we can’t pray we can’t s please Allah (Sobhanaho Watalla). Still, we don’t have the desire/intention to follow them, yet they are the remedies for all our shortfalls. What needs to be done as the only remedy is to have principles centered life. It’s only then that all things will be in abundance and within our reach, and will all be productive not unemployed.