Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Popular Initiative for Peaceful Coexistence and Development

About 30 years after the outbreak of the rebellion in South Kordofan State, the signs of development are finding their way into various areas of the state and the desires of the citizens of South Kordofan reflected in peace, especially after the announcement by the President of the Republic the cease fire and the conviction of all the people of the area that the war only leads to destruction, and murder.
A number of observers confirmed that the chances of peace in the State of South Kordofan are closer than ever before, while a number of them attributed the reasons for prolonging the war are to achieve ambitions and personal interests, where the SPLM-N exploits the cause of the two areas and invests politically in the blood of the simple and the lives of the poor for cheap personal ambitions.
War trade

The Native Administration of Kadugli greater localities announced the consensus and agreement on peace document that was launched from the popular desire to achieve peace in South Kordofan State, where the President of the Coordinating Council of Native  Administration, Kafi Tayar stressed that the document aims at unity among the people of the area and their cohesion and peaceful coexistence to improve the social fabric and address negative phenomena , calling on the people of Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains to agree with the state and return to the country and agriculture to achieve development and peace, calling on the state to stand with citizen to achieve peace, and calling on arms carriers to stop fighting  and resort to peace through dialogue.
Deputy President of the council, Osman Bilal accused parties of trading in the name of Nubia and do not want the war to stop for personal interests, stressing that they are with any side that wants to negotiate with the movement for peace, pointing out that the government played great roles to stop the war and achieve peace in the country, revealing contacts with the SPLM, revealing the return of many of the rebels in the past few days.
The Coordinating Council of the Nativel Administration in Kadugli Greater Localities concluded visits to seven states and held meetings with the people of South Kordofan in those states to know their views and to meet their wishes
The Unity
Kafi Tayar announced the formation of the said council, under his chairmanship and membership of others.
In a press conference held by the council at SMC, Tayar said that all the people of the state agreed and welcomed the establishment of the council, pointing out that they came to Khartoum to agree on one word about peace, stressing that the rebellion harmed the citizens of the state very much, and that encourage them to form the council to bring peace through their visits to the people of the state of South Kordofan in a number of states, indicating that their brothers in the states agreed with them to support the council and peace, calling for work to achieve peace and return to agriculture and self-reliance to achieve development in the state.
Expelling of the rebellion
Deputy President of the Council, Osman Bilal stressed their determination to expel the rebellion and forget tribalism, revealing that the main objectives of the council is "peace, unity and development", appealing to SPLM not to miss the opportunity for peace,
Hazem Yagoub Rahal, First Deputy President of the council revealed that the local leading figures in South Kordofan have signed a document to preserve the unity of the citizens of the state and their peaceful coexistence to improve the social fabric and unify the internal front and address the negative social phenomena in order to achieve peace, security and stability, pointing out that in order to achieve those goals they decided to delegate Kafi Tayar to be official spokesman of the council in all levels and areas.
Code of Conduct
The Secretary-General of the Council, Al-Azairiq Al-Badawi stressed that they pledged to serve the country with all sincerity and work on unity and creation of peaceful and social coexistence; announcing that a meeting will be organized in Khartoum State, Green Square on Monday, November 12 for the people of South Kordofan, in the presence of Presidential Assistant, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Governor of South Kordofan and the Governor of Khartoum and a number of political leaders and leaders of the native administration, inviting all children and people of South Kordofan State in Khartoum to attend and participate.
Sumaya Kafi, the representative of women in South Kordofan State, announced their support for the council in bringing peace to the state, calling on the women of South Kordofan in various localities to stand with the council to achieve its goal of bringing peace to the state

Is it time to stop this manipulation and exploitation of the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile issues. The real stakeholders have nothing to do with the kidnapping of their cause by the SPLM-N  and profit from it in regional and international forums and to reap the benefits of wealth at the expense of those afflicted by war, and destruction.