Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Seminar on Learning New Language and Stress Related Cases Organized by the Italian Embassy.

The fourth and final event of the Italian language national week took place in Al Faisal Center in 31th of October, in the presence of H.E. Fabrizio Lobasso Ambassador of Italy in Sudan , Dr. Shams Aldin Manager of Activities and Events in Al Faisal center, professor Fabio Caon (University of Venice), Dr. Najla Kalach (University of Venice), Dr. Igiea Lanza (University of Africa) and  students (University of  Khartoum - Al Neelain University- UMST)   ; a seminar of learning new language and stress related cases was addressed by Professor. Nicolo Renda, Consultant Psychiatrist specialized in stress and anxiety disorders.
In the beginning of the session ,Dr. Shams Aldin made an opening speech about the importance of learning a new language, also he expressed his appreciation for to the Italian Embassy regarding their continuous cooperation and emphasized on the important of this kind of subjects. Moreover H.E. Fabrizio Lobasso made a short speech welcoming all the students that had attended this seminar, also he talked about the previous events of the National Language  Week and finally introducing Professor Renda to the participants .               
Professor Renda analyzed how the acquisition of a new language and the inter action among people, bearers of different culture and tradition, require an adaptive effort which can lead to stress and have significant effect on our bodies. Also, Professor Renda explained how the ability to speak two or more languages has long been considered a special talent, possessed only by well educated circle of people, but the truth is the people are two groups, one of these groups consider learning new language is phenomena and the other group create a barrier between them and the ability to learn a new language. Moreover, the professor explained how stress is not related just to the Braine but connected to all organs. Finally, he talked about the children brain capacity and their ability to learn more regarding new language.
During the presentation of professor Renda, H.E. Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso and Dr. Lanza were making very important interventions, explaining more what professor Renda was presenting and also giving example from their own experience specially in the case of how stress is connected to the whole body and also the children brain capacity.
After the presentation; Professor Renda, H.E. Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso and Dr. Lanza received many question and comments regarding what had been said in the presentation and general physiatry questions creating an atmosphere of learning and experience exchanging. In evening of the same day the Italian Language Week was ended by a reception in the H.E. Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso Italian residence.
The Italian Language Week this year wasn’t just a celebration, but about finding practical ways for communication between Sudanese and Italians, on this regard, the first handbook for communication titled the, Intercultural communication between Sudanese and Italians was launched and people can find it free online written in three languages.  Finally, from my point of view organizing these kinds of events, could play an important role in building bridges between cultures, because learning a language is an important first step in communicating but it's not the main door to the world because there are many different ways for communication and that exactly what I saw in this Italian Language Week that made us leave in Italy for a whole week.