Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Wad Shalaie Physicians .. Affiliation to Home Villages

Khartoum – As a sign of appreciation to their home village, the graduates of medicine colleges of Wad Shalaie area in Gitaina Locality, White Nile State, decided to send a medical convoy to the area accompanied by 25 medical cadres led by prominent surgeon in Ahmed Dr. Al-Amin Awad Al-Nour 
The initiative came as a result of a proposal from the supreme committee for Wad Shalaie development and services led by Eng. Gaafar Hussein Saleh.
The convoy provided medical services and treatments to around 1800 people of the area’s community besides some of the near villages.
All the apparatuses and drugs were brought through personal efforts.
Charity Works Foundation participated by a mobile dentistry clinic under the leadership of Dr. Bashir and the community benefited from its services.
The launching of the convoy was participated by White Nile State Minister of Health, Dr. Tariq Mohammed Omer, Gitaina Locality Commissioner, Al-Sammani Dafallah, Health Insurance Executive Manager, Dr. Al-Zain Saad.
The area also received warmly the British Ambassador and his family along with the journalists from several newspapers.
The community seized the opportunity and submitted its basic needs represented by the establishment of a separate channel to irrigate the 3000 acres projects, besides the completion of Prof. El-Tayeb Al-Khidir Tabidi Hospital requirements i.e. physicians, operations theatre and ambulance, etc. and the requirements of the basic level schools including seats, offices and teaching staff, along with the completion of the water plant.

The convoy represents a model to follow suit in other areas of our beloved country.