The international community should support Sudan efforts
It is well know that Sudan is a crossing route for those who wish to migrate to Europe, they cross the Sudanese territories and then either through Egypt or Libya to Europe.
The Sudanese government with the assistance of some European countries has been very active in the efforts to reduce illegal migration and human trafficking and in particular that now this phenomenon represents a major international concern and particular in the whole Horn of Africa. This led Sudan to enact a special law to combat Human Trafficking.
Sudan has been combating this crime in its eastern borers in the last few years which has witnessed a high increase in the activities of organized crime syndicates that specialize in human trifling and which extend from the Sudanese eastern borders  with Eritrea and Ethiopia to Northern eastern borders with Libya.
Lately, Khartoum was visited by the Director General of IOM (International Organization of Migration) to see on the ground the Sudan efforts in combating human trafficking and discuss with the concerned officials and  institutions how to promote these efforts.
The IOM Director General revealed that the visit comes in addition to learn firsthand of Sudan efforts to discuss further cooperation in this file, coordinate with the mandated institutions and stakeholders. The discussion also included the role that the IOM can play in assisting and promoting the voluntary return process by soliciting funding from donors to integrate the returnees in the society.
On the other hand, he commended the Sudanese Working Abroad Administration for the establishment of a Migration Studies Centre; and promised to exert every possible effort to upgrade the center to a regional center and at the same time support its work in the field of studies and research. 
The IOM high official meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour discussed cooperation in combating human trafficking and illegal migration and in which the minister affirmed Sudan’s full commitment to cooperate with the international community in addressing this high level security and humanitarian challenge.
The international official was asserted that Sudan position on the issue of migration legal and illegal is based on the international recognized principles;   protection and care for the victims of these crimes, improvements of the services provided to them and training the cadres that take care of them to give them the best possible assistance.
Sudan plans for combating human trafficking also includes strengthening the legal framework to combat human trafficking in addition to national coordination and regional an international cooperation in this issue of concern to all.
It is worth mentioning that observers have verified that the government efforts have led to a decrease in the number of human trafficking operations and the victims as well.

From the Editor

Sudan has exerted great efforts to combat illegal migration and human trafficking through many programmess, laws and institutions but still the challenge remain big because human trafficking and illegal migration have become an international phenomenon and a challenge that must be addressed at an international as well as regional and national levels. At the same time the cost of the operations and programmes to combat this crime are very expensive and so far the international community has not assisted Sudan in any meaningful manner.  So a strong financial support to the IOM-Sudan may be a good channel to provide this long overdue assistance. In the end the international community by doing so is rendering itself a service through Sudan.