Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Talk of the Hour ‘East or West, Home is Best’

It is all about Sudan’s opposition, especially the armed one. In this concern, the Northern Sector of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM/N), is not the exception. It happens to ask the new American administration of President Trump that lifting of the sanctions that are imposed on Sudan should be associated with strict conditions.  That they should not be removed unless a peaceful and comprehensive settlement as paving the way for smooth trustful elections that are to be monitored by the international community, is guaranteed.
Actually, this  stance of SPLM/N is viewed by many as relying heavily on the support of the foreigner for resolving domestic affairs. That is to say, letting foreign agendas as outweighing and dominating that of national ones.
In this regard, there is a question that poses itself vehemently here; what are the gains that are going to be attained by SPLM/N when pushing forward a suggestion as such?  It goes without saying that such a proposal is not without bad and wicked intensions, so to speak. The undermining of the position of the Sudanese government and therefore its collapse and fragmentation as quickly as possible is utmost top priority of SPLM/N.
But, all indications show that such an approach is quite futile and meaningless.  Why? Because the government has been fought by SPLM/N and the other various factions of the opposition and for a very long time, but nothing tangible has been reaped from this. In the battlefields, SPLM/N and other factions of the rebellion have been proven as utter failures. They have kept fighting the government feverishly and continuously, but the outcomes are detected as so catastrophic; unlimited series of defeats.
When SPLM/N and the other elements of the opposition have resorted to the trial of other alternative tactics, especially electronically, the same scenario of defeats has been repeated.  They are much humiliated and shamefully conquered, so to speak. It seems that incumbent government is so strong and enjoys a very surging power perpetually and constantly. It has proven that it is typically the genuine phoenix itself whose strength is perpetually on the increase and renewal, so to speak. Despite the all types of hostilities and catastrophes (sanctions,  rebellion and others) that the present government  has been encountering and experiencing, but it triumphantly manages to survive them all, by remaining well established and consolidated.
However, this story of SPLM/N is not the sole pattern. There are other similar incidents elsewhere. There are other leaderships in other countries that are also perceived as often calling on the foreigners to come in for settlement of domestic differences with their own kinsmen. Sadly, this behavior of the leaderships is mainly intended for attainment of personal goals and aims to the exclusion of all that is national. But, alas, they all have reaped nothing from such an orientation and loss has been the natural outcome from this. Their aspired for dreams as realizing the all  unlimited goodness and prosperity, have just evaporated and gone with the wind, so to speak.
Needless to say, the decision of lifting of the embargo, has been noted as very shocking and frustrating to SPLM/N and its leaderships. They have never put into consideration that in this life nothing will keep static, but rather change is the dominant feature, either for the best or for the worst. They often believe that America, as a very close ally, will never turn its back to them and therefore will never improve or normalize its relations with the current government of Sudan.
Although winds are not friends to ships and that they are under no circumstance desired by them, but, still, they come violently and unexpectedly, so to speak. The  Troika countries (America, Britain and Nonwage ), have reached an irrevocable conclusion that it is the Sudanese government, not SPLM/N, that is much dedicated and committed to comply with the calls of the international community. It has unilaterally initiated a ceasefire so that humanitarian reliefs are to be provided as quickly as possible, especially to those who are in bad need of them, especially the people of the war stricken  areas of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile. 
Such shift and change in roles on part of the Troika nations has plagued the leaderships of SPLM/N with huge frustration and depression. Why? Because this SPLM/N has been perceived as having broad, ambitious and unlimited dreams to install itself, especially through the American sanctions, as the sole ruling political entity of Sudan. That and due to these sanctions Sudan will be hugely weakened, a situation that will qualify SPLM/N as governing the country conveniently and unlimitedly. Unluckily, realities on the ground falsify a trend as such
If this is the case and it is, then no way out but for the leaderships of SPLM but to succumb to the overwhelming mainstream; to come back willingly and voluntarily to their homeland, the Sudan, and thus getting involved in the  national dialogue that is currently dominating all the spheres  of the country. Definitely, if they do, this will be much honorable to them in the first place and, sure, the country at large. Simply speaking, because nothing is as sweet as the motherland, the Sudan. Such a meaning is well manifested and  personified by this saying which goes like this, ‘East or West, home is best’.