Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Council of Darfur Peace Signatories Says Coalition Option is Open

Khartoum -The Spokesman  of Council  of   Darfur Peace  Signatory Movements , Adam Awad Ahmed  said the option  of  grouping and coalition  to run the coming elections  is open.
Adam indicated  in a statement to SUNA  to importance of making strategic  coalitions  that guarantee  implementation  of National Dialogue outcome  and  based  on a program that meets aspiration of  people of Sudan, achieve social justice  and establish  democratic system.
The Council of Darfur  Peace  Signatory Movements stated that the Council  held an extended meeting  during the past two days  and discussed  future and position  of the movements and the political  transformation   in the coming stage .
He added the  Council also  discussed  the  current  political and economic situation  in the country  and came out with a vision which boost the political process.