Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Former Minister of Culture Affirms Close Relations with Indonesia in All Aspects

Khartoum – Former Minister of Culture, Eltayeb Hassan Badawi affirmed that the Sudanese/Indonesia relations are deep-rooted and was crowned by the visit of Sheikh

Ahmed Sorkatti to Indonesia who spread Islam a matter that represents pride to Sudanese.
He pointed out, while addressing the Indonesian Embassy celebration of the 72nd Independence Anniversary, that the visit of last Sudanese leader Ismail Al-Azhari and his participation in Bandung besides the participation of Sudan in the Islamic Cooperation Summit.
He concluded that the two countries have exerted great efforts to increase the trade exchange.
For his part, the Endonesian Ambassador addressed the ceremony welcoming the distinguihsed guests, giving examples of his countries contribution in the international community activties,
adding that number of the Indonesian Armed Forces Battalions, military observers and military staffs as well as Formed Police Unit and Individual Police Officers have been actively participating under the umbrella of the United Nations   in   various   countries,   including   Sudan.   Our   Armed   Forces Battalions   have   been   participating   under   the   United   Nations-African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (the UNAMID) in Al Geneina. While the Indonesian Formed Police Units  have also been participating under the UNAMID in Al Fasher.
He said that in the United Nations Security Council for period of 2019-2020, Indonesia will play
more active role in contributing to international efforts in building and keeping international peace for the shake of interest of all nations in the World.
He affirmed that Indonesia   and   Sudan   have   a   longstanding   and   excellent   political
relations,   expressing his pleasure   to   observe   the   growing   sense   of   trust   and
comfort   in   bilateral   relations   of   the   two   brotherly   countries   since   the
establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1960.