Khartoum-Sudan will host the meetings of the strategic cooperation council with Turkey next December 2018

. The meetings will discuss the strategic planning document between Khartoum and Ankara which signed by the ministries of foreign Affairs Sudan and Turkey.
This document is considered a new roadmap to implement 14 commercial and investment agreements, and to raise the trade volume fr0m US$ 500 million to US $10 billion.
Dr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, minister of foreign affairs had invited his Turkish counterpart to visit Sudan before the meetings in next December.
The Sudanese and Turkish sides agreed during the businessmen forum last year to set a joint plan to benefit from the Turkish experience to develop the agricultural sector in Sudan.  They also signed contracts to implement tourist’s projects at the Red Sea coast and the rehabilitation of Port Sudan harbor; where the two sides agreed to apply the local national currencies of the two countries in the financial dealings.
Turkey had set US$ 10 billion for Sawakin restoration in the East of Sudan. it is a tourist project and the only one that was implemented in Sawakin where a Turkish delegate visited Sawakin two months ago . Surveys and studies are executed to establish a tourist city.
Turkey presented a proposal to transfer its experiences and capabilities to contribute in Sudan development and to assist to overcome the current economic crisis, particularly after the noticeable lack of the strategic commodities like wheat and fuel, lack of the surplus of foreign currencies at the Central Bank.
Economic official at the Turkish Embassy in Khartoum stated to press that Turkey is preparing to open a Turkish Bank in Sudan to support the economic situations in Sudan.
It worth mentioning that after the visit of the Turkish President Recep Tayeb Erdogan to Sudan, where he promised to raise the trade volume between the two countries to US$ 10 billion instead of US $ 500 billion.
The total volume of Turkish investments in all sectors in Sudan is US $ 2 billion, represented into 288 projects included furniture, Aluminum products, Steal and cement products, food products, electricity services, electric equipment’s , mining and exploration  .
The expected Turkish investments in Sudan will be Transport, roads and bridges, excavations, constructions and contracts , health services, beside investments in agricultural and animal sectors .