Current Date:

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Hides and Skins of Sacrifice: En Economic Value

Khartoum - Bilal Yousif Al-Mubarak, undersecretary of the ministry of Industry called on hides and skins of sacrifice

from damaging during its long process from the pasture, slaughtering, leathers’tanning and manufacturing to increase the economic value of the leathers to support the local growth and to give leathers the additional value.
He addressed the meeting of the higher committee of supervising and following up the gathering of the leathers. He stressed on the importance of joint efforts to success the campaign ; of the concerned bodies represented into the ministry of animal’s resources, investment, the national center for improving, department of tanneries, department of leathers, and leather shoes department at the industrial chamber union.
Mubarak pointed to importance of joint efforts at the national and states level beside the civil society and the citizens. He added the sacrifice season represents an economic value to Sudan, reviewing reports of the last seasons, briefed its negatives and positives.
He called on the popular committees in villages, quarters, Mosques committees, civil society organizations, schools in all parts of Sudan to support this campaign of gathering leathers during Ed al Fidaa (Sacrifice).