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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Editorial: ‘History Starts from Here’

The initiative of Sheikha Mosa of Qatar shows how affiliating she is with Sudan’s issues, especially the sphere of archeology and tourism

. Her film, ‘history starts from here’ which is to be launched at Northern Sudan soon, will illustrate this pattern tangibly and physically.
It goes without saying that and after the production and distribution of the film massively, people worldwide will get allured and attracted to Sudan archeologically and none.
Definitely, the outcome is going to be much rewarding. All doors of goodness will be opened widely, especially economically. Consequently, the badly needed hard currency will be availed hugely and abundantly, Allah willing. 
However, besides ‘history starts from here’, it is seen as much appropriate if other films tackling different areas in Sudan, are to be launched. In this regard, the domain of agriculture in particular should be given top priority.
It is a known fact that Sudan is categorized globally as the number one country agriculturally.  All the prerequisites for producing hugely and abundantly are there; water and large areas of fertile lands amounting to millions and millions of hectares.
Needless to say, that these agricultural lands are very virgin; fertile. They never witness any kind of development since the creation of Adam and Eve.
If this is to be associated with the sphere of animal wealth, which Sudan is very rich of, the output will be much incredible, especially economically. 
It is worth mentioning that the only missing link here is funding. So, the film, ‘history starts from here’, has a very clear message to convey worldwide; that Sudan is full to the brim with all kinds of resources, especially archeologically. 
So, the film,’ history starts from here’ represents the green light for others, especially the rich, to come to Sudan with purpose of investing their money in, especially archeologically.  Sure, if they do, they will never regret it.
In conclusion, we can say this; Sheikha Moza should be thanked very much for her initiative for the development of Sudan, especially archeologically; hoping that Allah the Almighty will reward her for this tremendously and unlimitedly, Amen.