Current Date:

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Editorial: Media Role Is Crucial

There is nothing worse than human trafficking and there is nothing worse than its profits

The media has its crucial role in this regard through raising awareness campaigns and hammering on the issue every now and then.
Sudan Vision took the lead and launched a well attended forum under the theme (Together against Human Trafficking).
The papers presented in the forum were very purposeful and informative as it covered almost all the aspects and the Sudanese efforts towards curbing this destructive phenomenon which became an international concern.
The forum has set the foundation for practical action to be launched by the Sudanese media outlets through shedding light on the mechanisms of curbing the phenomenon.
Capacity-building is one of the most important tools to curb human trafficking, and accordingly we urge the international community representatives in the country to provide all possible assistance in this regard considering that the issue is recognized internationally.
The concerned institutions in the government should adapt the best methods to improve the monitoring mechanisms to ban human trafficking crimes, especially along the borders of the countries surrounding Sudan.
Sudan is in bad need for more initiatives that aim at boosting the national, regional and international cooperation to make the public aware about the risks of illegal migration which might lead to human trafficking.
The Vice President, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman was very clear when he said that the national strategy in this regard is based on banning the human trafficking, assisting the victims and providing the required support to the concerned institutions.
IOM representative emphasized the importance of dealing with the challenges facing the victims of human trafficking.
The Italian Ambassador enumerated the efforts exerted in training the effective factors in curbing human trafficking.
It is high time for close cooperation and coordination among the human trafficking related institutions and agencies including the civil society organizations.
We believe that repeating such forums will have considerable contribution in raising the awareness and drawing the attention of the international community to the significant role played by Sudan in this regard.
Together against human trafficking.