While addressing the Sudanese nation on the occasion of the 62th anniversary of the  independence day of the country

, president Al Bashir reiterates that 'peace that is not guarded militarily will be aborted easily, especially by the hostile  powers whose eyes are focused on Sudan's huge resources conspiringly'.
Actually, since the advent of the Ingath revolution and up to the present time, the slogan that one hand is to engage in the building of the country developmentally, while the other for the protection of it militarily, is all the time adhered to pattern strictly.
Such an orientation has scared the enemy   vehemently, especially the armed opposition-some of them have seen it as much appropriate as joining the mainstream very quickly. The example illustratively is this; when SPLM/N of Garang notices that if it does not do it immediately, then it is going to be too late catastrophically; because of this it had signed a peace agreement promptly which is known as the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA). By signing it , Garang gained a lot; beside being appointed as the first vice president nationally, he was given a free hand as governing the South entirely.
But, alas, the other armed  entities of the opposition have not learnt the  lesson comprehensively; choosing instead  the  resisting of the current government militarily-a move that led to their defeat  humiliatingly. Even when they try very advanced methods as mobilizing the public electronically, they are also conquered miserably.
Actually, the international community that the opposition relies upon heavily,  has turned its back to it purposely by siding with the present government uncompromisingly, to the exclusion of the opposition utterly.
The lifting of US embargo recently also has strengthened the position of the government incredibly.
In conclusion, we can say this; what is said by president Al Bashir while addressing the Sudanese nation on the occasion of the independence of the country, is not without logic totally; all the goodness that has  been enjoyed by Sudan today,  is the function of deep rooted convictions irrevocably; 'peace that is not guarded militarily will be aborted easily'.

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