The perseverant tribulations incessantly fall on the country’s head; it certainly not coming from vacuity, but due to the destitution in ideas and the rudimentary thoughts the politicians applying on us, the thing which have prevented us from transcending -as an aspirant nation- from the historical predicaments created by those heteronomous, non-discernment, controversial political forces. In our quest to find solutions to this inimitable situation, we need not to call the scribers, but we need more cerebration efforts to deliver practical answers from healthy notions. Imam Al-Ghazaly said [speak so I can see you], and as the rule say “The Tongue is the true sever of the mind’s conscience, it is always anxiously explanatory”. So our whisper is meant to reach our genuine political parties, who are there on ground, from the home made ones, i.e. historical Umma and Unionist parties, and to the trans-migratory ones like the Islamists, the Communists, the Arabic Ba’aths, and the Nasserians, (the Democracy rule life is ten years). Then there are the military coups; the three of them were executed when Umma Party was holding the rein, the first was handing over from the P.M. General Abdalla Khalil, because he cannot stand the heat of democracy, and the other two were when Imam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi was the P.M., the May, Nimeiri coup was masterminded by the Communist Party, which in the end was disastrous on them; now the existing third (Al-Ingaz) which is masterminded and executed by the NIF, where they gained the power, and got all the mundane of loots and spoils, but it is also disastrous on them on ethical grounds, (if they can speak their minds truthfully), and because of the malignant consequences resulted from their autocratic rule. They used precarious and paradoxical philological proses to contrive stance of logic for the appalling situation; I assumes it makes it difficult for them to say Islam is part of that program! (The military rule life is 50 years and still going).
Historically the armed groups (movements) erupted as early as (1955) before independence, and till the round table conference which had officiated their existence, which has created a conducive atmosphere for conducting an escalating demands policy by both sides and many futile meetings and un-necessary conferences, a situation which has changed the equation of rebellious from a dare-devil action to plucking patriotism act, and induced many groups, and any nonconformist conscience, to take to arms for solving political problems, or fulfilling objectives they cannot achieve if the political arena is purified and sterilized, the thing of which indicates the absence of the activities of political parties from the crucial demands of the people. And then ushered the deliverance of the pathetic Naivasha which filled the sails of the armed groups and gave a somersault and confidence to the mutineers that they can achieve their goals by taking to arms against their state.
The Sudanese people, who had passed through all these priggish pageants performances and believed all the un-fathomable enigmas whom all are promising earthly and heavenly paradise by up-and-coming surf; but all that they got is perdition, so is it high for the people of the Sudan (the 95% silent majority) to speak their minds on Revolution= to be red Evolution; and Democracy= to be red; A Just Rule. It is true that “The Righteous War is the Community Affair”, and when the striking hour promulgate itself the dungeons of the wealth will not save, and the weaponry in the ditch will not curb the tide.
If we come to the understanding that strenuous path is the only solution to our crisis, and to say goodbye to the scrupulous stances.
Justice is God’s attribute, and to stand firm for justice is to be witness to God, even if it is detrimental to our own interests –as we conceive them- or the interest of those who are near to us. According to the Latin saying “Let justice be done though heaven should fall”. But Islamic justice is something higher than the formal justice of Roman law or any other human Law. It is even more penetrative than the subtler justice in the speculations of the Greek Philosophers. It searches out the innermost motives, because we are to act as in the presence of God, to whom all things, acts, and motives are known.                                                                                          Bearing this in mind, we believe that the responsibility is entirely are in the hands of the President of the Republic, he is requested now to stand to the side of his nation –whom he will stand for account for them in the Hereafter- and to stand at one pace from all the political forces, and seek the solution to the dilemmatic situation the country is in now.    The brilliant idea of the National Dialogue is being aborted by the retrogressions and deviations of the NCP, which led to the walk-outs of some of the main participants, so the hidden recommendations, could be considered the portfolio of the NCP in the suggested Commission of Preparations for the Constitution. Of course this is applicable to all political parties, active civil society organs, Universities, and peacefully struggling movements, the movements carrying guns should put aside their weaponry and present their views in the coming constitution, which we believe that everybody should see himself in it.   But how can we come to this gorgeous brethren atmosphere? here comes the indispensable role of our President to make a subtle choice and form a handsome fastidious –composite or mingled- government with specific mandate to lay down a healthy infrastructure so as the political court-yard could inhale a fresh air and prepare themselves for the coming elections for the Constituent Assembly which will pass the draft of the constitution which is composed from the views of the whole nation which will be subject to referendum.  Spreading the wings of freedom will make the rays of the sun reach the hidden caves of perversity, where the rottenness affecting our political life should be slain.
It is being said that: [When the others flinch, rash youth will dare], luckily I have got a copy of the booklet of the Political Program of young party; The Sudanese Congress Party, which exalted me very high and raised my optimism to a picturesque future to the coming nation as far as there are parties of that calibre, the bold and daring demonstration of their edifying accord, of which I glimpsed two objectives; (1) Our Dream is a Country to Absorb us All. (2) Our Objective is a Country could absorb the Dreams of All. I certainly will endorse this program and hope the other parties could follow suit.
If Mr. President –with the consent of the patriots- could make the political life is not as means for living, but it is a ladder you climb to have more space where you can serve your people, then I am sure the number of parties will relinquish dearly. Also the missing virtue of co-existence could be activated amongst the politicians themselves so they stand each other, such as the parties of the same name and program, and the ideological parties who imbibe the nectar and quench the gracious bestowals of honeydew, and quails from one source, let us hope the conflict is not for the loot.                                                                                                           It is imperative for the whole of us after expiate and atonement, try to Let the Qur’an Lightning strike the Heart of Darkness in our political life, so the streams of Wisdom to be poured through the noble hearts of the Believers. Because failure to understand the teachings of the Qur’an will inevitably lead all the humanity –Muslims and non-Muslims alike- into instability, turmoil, tribulation, and universal tragedy):