Khartoum - The Central Bank of Sudan has said that Gum Arabic exports are to rise up to 150 thousand tons and its proceeds will stand at 200 million Dollars.
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Mohamed Ahmed Al Bushra said the exports funding purse has seen growth and successes in the volume of funding  free from any  defaulting  expecting that 5 thousand tons of Gum Arabic to be funded by the end of  the year 2016.
He said the funding is not only for Gum exports but it includes production operations towards exploiting all the potentials of production. He noted that the utilized potentials now represent only 20%.
For his part the Manager of Farmer’s Bank Al Rashid Al Feel has affirmed in the work shop of the future vision for promoting Gum Arabic exports in cooperation with the Farmers bank and the sponsorship of the Central Bank of Sudan that the Agricultural Bank is preparing for developing Gum Arabic and providing the required funding for increasing the cultivable area of Gum Arabic , increasing its productivity as well as establishing a national  base for indigenizing its industry.
He added that the phase of funding Gum Arabic for industrialization and export is conducted through the funding formulas available according to the nature of each phase and the conditions of producers.