Current Date:

Friday, 16 November 2018

SSH to Launch Campaign in May Covering 10 States

Khartoum (SUNA) - The Sudanese Society of Hypertension (SSH) revealed that spreading of cases of blood pressure

has no specific causes, but cited fats, obesity, narrowness of arteries and kidney failure as the main causes, calling for practicing sport weekly and avoiding sodium salts.

It pointed out that measurement of blood pressure passed through ascertain stages.

The SSH would launch a campaign on educating people on culture of blood pressure measurement in ten states of the Country during May 1-15 in collaboration with Africa International University and Health Insurance Fund.

The SSH Chairperson, Dr Hind Mamoon Beheiri unveiled , while she was addressing a celebration held at Oil and Minerals College of Africa International University Monday, that a survey conducted by Federal Health Ministry in 2015 displayed that 24% of the population infected with hypertension and most of them did not know that they have been infected and that the SSH conducted a survey amidst 44,000 persons in various states of the country but the findings have not been released yet.

She pointed out that most fatalities caused by hypertension and that blood pressure is the main cause of cases of stroke , brain blood clot and heart attack , stressing provision of drugs in governmental hospitals and pharmacies , but , she added , prices of some drugs are high and not included in list of Health Insurance Fund's medicines.

Dr Hind warned of taking medicines without doctor's prescription and called for pursuing a healthy nutritional system and minimizing taking salt.