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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Beyond the Horizon

The Sudan Vision Newspaper Forum last week (Tuesday 4 Sept.2018) under the theme “Together against Human Trafficking”, renewed again the debates on this serious

crime against humanity and which gravely violets the basic norms of IHRLs (International Human Rights Laws) and the IHLs (International Humanitarian Laws).
Human Trafficking is an international multi-dimensional crime that crosses all borders and so needs a strong international coordinated participatory response. 
The first challenge that any comprehensive international strategy to combat Human Trafficking should address vide a realistic implementable strategy and plans is to address the core issues in the main countries that are targeted by Human Traffickers as the source of supply for their unhuman trade.
Since most of these source countries are in the developed world, so this should be the main focus area of such a strategy.
The second challenge is the major countries that are used by Human Traffickers as routes for their internationally illegal trade.

African countries have been one of the major resources for international human trafficking criminal organizations. In this context Sudan have become one of the major routes for this internationally illegal trade because of its geographical location and long borders with many African countries extending from Eastern Sudan to Egyptian and Libyan borders.
Also, this made Sudan a recipient of huge number of refugees from many of neighboring African countries. Same time the international community have not provided these refugees with adequate humanitarian assistance.
This in turn made the life in the camps miserable and so the refugees became easy victims for Human Trafficking agents who deceive with rosy promises of a better life in other European countries.
At the same time, Sudan as a developing country cannot alone address this tremendous challenge. But up to now the international community support have been very meager and not up to the standard to meet the challenge. Sudan needs high technological mongering systems and logistics to monitor its long borders and the Human Traffickers routes but such assistance have not been provided up to now in a way that really make an effect.
The same apply to the refugees in Sudan because until last July 2018, according to the UNHCR (United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees) the international response to 2018 humanitarian budget for refugees in Sudan covers up to now only 18 percent of the needs.
This is an international defect that has to be amended today before tomorrow regardless of any petty political considerations and interest because what is on the table is daily human tragedies.
It is important to mention that despite all the challenges the Sudan Deputy President announced in Sudan Vision Forum that Sudan was and is committed to all regional accords in combatting human trafficking. In addition that now all the laws that can assist in this endeavor are now under review to cope with this unhuman crime and to be in full conformity with international norms. This issue will remain in this page for all long time until this ugly trade disappear from th efface of the earth.

Refugee Compact

It must be mentioned that the new Compact for Refugee proposed by the United Nations and which is expected to be approved by the United Nations General Assembly during this month can be a great step in improving the situation of the refugees in the recipient countries and easy the burden at  the same time of  the hosting communities in these countries. Same time a better life in the camps or outside the camps will decrease the chances of the refugees falling in the traps of human traffickers.

Water Harvesting

Khartoum state released last week information on the state rain water harvesting project and claimed that it have succeeded in harvesting more than 40 million cubic meters this year which will be enough until the next rainy season.
This is a welcomed announcement since we wrote just last week in this page calling for the harvesting of the heavy rains water and turn from a natural crises into a developmental blessing.
But we would have liked to know what are the projects on which these harvested waters will be used and what are the means available to deliver these waters to such projects.
The Khartoum State as have been written several times is facing chronic technical and administrative challenges in all its major infrastructure projects and this is mainly due to technical and administrative incompetence and the almost complete absence of effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in its projects. If this major defect is not addressed then this project will meet the same fate of the other projects of the states and the list is long but is well known to everyone.

Books &Genocide

It is very rare that anyone have linked so strongly genocide and racism with the burning of books and libraries which found its most destructive manifestations in the hands of the German Nazi regime. This what make “ LIBRICIDE- The burning of Books” by lecturer in Hawaii University in the USA so interesting, amazing and informative.

In general the book concept is in conformity with the UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization) concept of “Wars starts in the minds before in the field”.
This amazing book reveals and refocuses attention once again on the most barbaric acts against the human arts and cultures.
One of the worst models of course mentioned in the book was the most barbaric crimes in this respect which burned and destroyed millions of books and thousands of liberties inside and outside Germany.
This one very perplexed that the nation that born some of the most brilliant musicians, painters and philosophers in human history can fall down to such a level barbarity and racism  All you can say may be this is part of humans nature.
The lessons from this book are many but the main one is that racist and extremist fear nothing more than the truth, knowledge and enlistment brought by books and libraries. This in turn exposes the dark corners of their evil concepts and doctrines. This is the same as with dictatorships which targets first of all the free press because it expose their lies and corruption.

Prof. Hassan Makki

The reputable Islamic academic  Prof. Hassan Makki has made statements in a Forum lately that deserve some comments.
Maki said that there have not been any radical reform in the Sudanese state structure since the Mahdist Revolution during all the regimes after independence wither democratic or military.
The first question is did Mahdism in the first place have a real state structure that could be reformed.
Secondly, the democratic regimes with all their acknowledged defects didn’t commit the grave mistakes committed by the military regimes and that have pushed the country deeper in the hole of backwardness and instability. In addition the democratic regimes were never given enough time to reform itself and correct itself. This was the course that all the now well established democracies have taken since the beginning of the last two centuries and may be more.
In the case of Sudan narrow minded politicians seeking to grip power quickly have conspired with the military to topple the democratic regimes three times since Independence in 1956.
The extreme political left and right played the major role in this context.
Prof. Makki was a leading figure in a rightest Islamic movement that have played a major role in sabotaging democratic development. So, regardless of his nowadays position from the present regime, he played a leading role in the past in hindering the development of democracy and turn social development.
So, academic ethics demands that prof. start be a transparent self-criticism of his past role and thronging his arrows at the present government will never make the keen observers forget his negative role. This is the real history that will be written one day discarding any self-promoting efforts from anyone including the prof.
It is worth mentioning that the Prof. Makki is not alone in this endeavor but accompanied by many prominent among them Dr. Ghazi Salih Aldin who is advocating now for democracy without first apologizing for his leading  role in sabotaging it in the first place .
Gentlemen we are in the age of the ICT (Informational Communication Technology) and Globalization where everything is easily documented and stored. So, you cannot hide or cover your past history, so come out clearly and criticize yourself before giving any lecture on the defaults of others or the merits of democracy. This way may you can gain credibility in the eyes of the majority and not your narrow limited circles.

Academic Zuhimer

I never thought that there is an academic Zuhimar until I followed the writing of some retried academia in the Facebook. The more I read of their posts the more I became that there such a disease. Why is it that when we get old sometimes discredit our excellent history foolishly and same time not respect the mind of those we read these posts. Many have went on this road and are now in the dust pin of history, so take care you don’t end up there.