Khartoum - (Photo: Al-Sir Mukhtar) Ambassador Professor Khidir Haroun Ahmed, Sudan former Ambassador to Washington in1990s, he had worked in many African, Asian, European countries as well as in America when Sudan was under the economic sanctions 1997. Where he exerted great efforts and worked hardtop improve Sudan external relations. He is one of the successful Sudanese diplomats to strength these relations. Now he is the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications at the International University of Africa IUA. IUA is one of the most distinctive Universities in Africa  that play multiple roles in addition to its academic role, IUA has specialized TV and Radio stations, addressing all Africa . )
International University of Africa IUA, since its establishment in 1991 as international University carried the name of Africa, but received students from all Africa and the whole world. It first began as African Islamic Institute 1966, and then became African Islamic center in 1977 in Khartoum the capital of Sudan. That Islamic center was established as an initiative from Sudan Government in 1972 and supported by Arab countries represented by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Morocco. 
Prof. Haroun shed light on this long history of the IUA in two hours visit of an interview conducted by Sudan Vision Editor-in-chief and a senior reporter. This visit represented a short and amazing tour in the different faculties and admirations of the IUA. He pointed out that the IUA accommodates 15,000 Students from all Africa, 5,000 out of them are of internal residence, living inside the University. They are all distributed into 22 faculties in the different fields of knowledge including Medicine, Nursery, Laboratories, Dental, adding that there is a clinic attached to the IUA which provides services to the students and the surroundings of the IUA premises.
As part of its social responsibility the IUA has a huge farm provide services to the students of the IUA. All requirements of food come from this farm, Prof Haroun said. The farm consists of 4 fisheries; giant ranch including all sorts of animal resources of camels, cattle, goats and sheep. The farm delivers its production of eggs to the Sudanese markets. It has oil mill of commercial production; beside the natural organic juices. For all these successes the IUA received a gift represented into another farm in a wide area north of Omdurman in Khartoum state. Now it is at the phase of preparation and drilling of wells.
The IUA administration is now working to establish specialized University as a voluntary from one of the Arab volunteers with a total cost of US$20 million to start with 40 beds. It is expected to provide services to the students and the surrounding of the IUA.
Prof. Haroun added that there are applied faculties of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Oil and Minerals beside the faculties of Economy and Political Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Mass-communication which was being part of the faculty of Arts. For the first time this faculty of Mass- communication graduated students on Bachelor degree. Besides the faculty of Arabic language which has intensive   program for the non-Arabic speakers works at the 24 hours a day, because governments of States like Ethiopia, Eritrea deliver groups of their students to some crash courses in IUA.
According to Ambassador Prof. Haroun, the IUA has the center of Yousif al Khalifa which works in writing the African languages in Arabic letters. He added that these African languages including the Somali language despite the fact that Somalia had joined the Arab League as a member.
The center is working in writing all these languages in Arabic letters, they used to write them in Romantic letters except Hausa and Swahili languages. All these languages are part of the specializations obtained by the IUA.
As an example no more people know that Madagascar had used the Arabic letters till the 19th century then moved on to write in Arabic letters .
Al Khalifa center at IUA is one of the most important centers headed by Prof. Babikir Bedri Malik, the center has some books published in Senegal, beside al Husa and Fulani has their own language.
Prof. Haroun added that faculty of languages; its Dean is Prof. Sayed Hamid Hureiz, it is one of the new faculties in IUA, besides faculties of Arts headed by Prof. Idris Salim, a prominent figure, who is specialized in sociology working for many years at University of Khartoum, they all exert great efforts, the faculty is working to establish an observatory at geography section. Faculty of Quality is one of modern faculties headed by Prof. Mahmoud Abdul  Raman al Sheikh, graduated in The U.S and had been working for University of Masqat in Oman Sultanate.
The IUA is working to receive and appoint high qualified scholars, professors and doctors, so it deserves to shed light on it in the different mass media.
According to this faculty of Mass communication, it has three main specializations represented into public relations, press and publication, Radio and TV. Africa Radio at the IUA headed by Mu’tasim Fadul Abdulgadir, the former General Manager of the Sudanese Radio .Africa Radio works in five languages 24hours addressing Africa  in Arabic, English, French and its local languages like Swahili, Hausa, Fulani .
Ambassador, Prof. Khidir Haroun said proudly that all African countries without any exception have had graduates from the IUA, pointing to some of are now ministers, general managers, and governors of states in the home countries as an example the former President of Comoro Islands was one of those students who had studied and graduated at the IUA.
Haroun and as part of the multiple roles of the IUA he said that, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, the former minister of foreign affairs said in the meeting of council of the secretaries of the IUA pointing that during his visits to all African countries, he met some graduates of the IUA, they are very fluent in Arabic noting that they are studied at the IUA, and the highly appreciated the distinctive of it for all Africa. He added that during his diplomatic work abroad, he believes that Sudan is highly appreciated among all Africans, and Sudan is well accepted by all.  In addition to that most of the foreign diplomats working in Sudan describe Sudan as the safest place in the world.
Prof. Haroun explained that the IUA presents a message to all Africa and the whole world on behalf of Sudan considering its work is a duty towards Sudan. He added that the IUA is in need of a real support from the government, the people to exert joint efforts, and to look at the IUA in a civilized way.
Sudan as a country and a culture has distinctive value and appreciation in Africa. We need to exploit this love and appreciation of Africans correctly, he said.
Sudan, despite the current economic situations and these difficulties, but it still receiving refugees from the neighboring countries where they find safety and security. Foreigners live in peace and security in Sudan.
It is a credit for Sudan. Wherever, you mention Sudan, it seems to others it is important country; it is land of cultural radiation.
Prof. Haroun concluded his deep and detailed tourism of the two hours in the IUA saying that it is importance to benefit from all such characteristics of Sudan, and to exploit it politically in Sudan external relations. Sudan is facing the hegemony of the western mass media which reflect the negative image about Sudan. It is high time to show the real and correct image about Sudan through its mass media.

From the Editor:
We agreed with Prof. Haroun to work out a plan to enter into a smart partnership for the benefit of both sides. The proposed partnership will include training and exchanging of experiences in the field of mass media besides utilizing each party’s facility to the maximum by the other.
*Sudan as a country has distinctive value and appreciation in Africa
* Africa Radio addresses Africa in 5 live and local languages
* IUA deserves to shed light on