It seems that the tensions amid the SPLM-N leaders had reached its peak these days, after months of an unveiled

conflict between Al-Hillu and his field commanders.
Ten days ago SPLM-N field commander Jagoud Mukwar moved from his garrison to meet the chairman of the movement Abdul Aziz Al-Hillu at the head office to raise his complaints against the policies of the later which resulted to the deterioration of the situations in Nuba Mountains and created general disappointment amid the population of the area.
Abdul Aziz Al-Hillu, who was aware of by the visit of Jagoud directed his guards to ban him from entering as he does not want to see him.
Sergeant Majdi Mohammed met Jagoud upon his arrival to the office of Al-Hillu and banned him from entering to the office.
During the argument between guards and Jagoud, one of the latter’s bodyguards shot dead sergeant Majdi after which Jagoud and his bodyguards left the site and went back to their location.
It is apparent that the relation between Al-Hillu and Jagoud has reached its edge and the recent assassination of Majdi will lead to more tensions and might result to hostile stances from Moro tribe, hence clashes between the tribes’ members.
It is high time for the SPLM-N leaders to recognize that their conflicts are merely to serve their personal interests without any consideration to the cause they alleged that they are fighting for.
The Nuba Mountains people should unify their stances against the their greedy leaderships and convince them to listen to the voice of wisdom and join the peace process.