Tolerance and religious and ethnic co-existence became a must after many human catastrophes and tragedies motivated

by religious and ethnic extremism. This made non-tolerance unacceptable anywhere, under any circumstance or level. So, this page aim to support the promotion of the culture of tolerance.
The last century and the first two decades of the present one have witnessed the worst barbaric atrocities against religious and ethnic minorities.
This motivated the international community and the United Nations to exert great efforts to address these serious challenge against humanity. This was initiated by opening a “Dialogue between Civilizations”. Also, at more political arena, the Forum of Federation launched a worldwide initiative under the theme of “Unity in Diversity”. Sudan participated in these efforts by the establishment of the Religious Co-existence Council.
It is important at the start to stress on some of the fundamental issues. So, the focus first will be on two of them; the importance of tolerance in establishing peace in the society and, Tolerance means recognizing Diversity as Strength. When any society accept genuinely these two concepts, then it have taken some major steps towards real tolerance.