Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

I Witness: Sudan: a Factor of Stability in the Region

The Italian city of Palermo hosted last Monday a "multi-national" conference to discuss the problems in Libya

and to look for ways and means of how to bring peace and stability to the troubled country. So many countries were represented in that conference. The countries that attended the opening session were  France, Egypt, Italy, Russia, USA, Sudan in addition to the Libyan warring factions represented by Fayiz Al-Saraj the chairman of the national council the only governing body acknowledged by the UN and Khilfa Haftar who calls himself the commander of the Libyan army. It is true that all these countries are represented in this conference, but if we look closely and objectively to them, we will find that some countries are "more representing" than others. Sudan for example is the most useful and the most effective element of peace, if we are looking for peace in Libya. On the other hand the participation of other countries may be negative. Although Sudan's foreign minister Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohammad Ahmad was not sitting on the "high table" of the conference and the flashes of the cameras were not focusing on him, but yet he could be of great help for the agenda of the conference. Sudan is one of the closest neighbors of Libya. The ties linking Sudan to Libya are very strong and they go back deeper in history. Sudan bore the heaviest burden from the former Libyan regime of Muammar Al-Gadafi. Gadafi's Libya was very harmful to Sudan. This is not the time to blame Libya, because Sudan knows that what happened from Gadafi was not the Libya's fault. Libya itself suffered from the tyranny of the dictator. These are all negative points, but they strengthen the idea of Sudan's knowledge of the complications of the "geopolitical" situations in Libya more than others. On the other hand Sudan has proved to be a "factor of stability" in its region. The role played by Sudan in bringing peace to its neighbor, South Sudan is a material evidence that Sudan is the most qualified country to bring peace and stability to Libya. Although Sudan suffers a lot from Libya, but this is not the time for revenge. This is the time for "reconciliation" with Libya. Sudan can play the most substantial role in bringing peace to Libya. Peace in Libya is a Sudanese concern and a Sudanese interest. Any troubles in Libya will have negative impact on Sudan. Peace in Libya affects Sudan positively. So, give the mission to Sudan and you will see.