Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Thanks to Allah: Developing Oneself

Socially, some people accustomed to be silence all the time, just keep looking here and there with lost eyes

, pretending to focus there at the same time you feel that he is here completely, I don’t know why such folks are doing like that, in spite of chatting with your neighbor sometimes it may bring happiness to you, take you away from live anxieties, laugh some time, show you understanding to things going around you, who knows you may participate in solving some of our social obstacles!
Why some people are afraid of voicing their views publically? What is wrong when you raise your voice to be heard, this demand self- confidence, trust, mastering well what you want to say, because when you speak it means that you want others to follow your thoughts, beliefs, views, suggestion and conceptions, so this may be the main factor which oblige part of us to step forward to be seen, then to have stance.
Psychologically, it may happen, to have something inside the person’s soul which forbid him or her from doing so, we call it shy or psycho disease, any how the issue here is to push people to be brave when they want to play out matter that concern them, otherwise they will be standstill without having an end to their issues, this shame of them to happen specially we are now living in the twentieth century, so it is better for us all to plant this sense in our kids first when they are at kinder gardens, primary schools, specifically  to train at the literature societies, for at this stage kids may accept the ideas as new matter to them, then grow up with, by the time the idea grows up with them, it is must nowadays to have this faculty in our students, stances proved these days so many of our speakers aren’t skillful enough to deliver their even personal thing let alone public matters, majority are just relying on their kens a matter that tarnish their message, such status reverse the base they are standing on, it is their reality,  illiteracy pervasive among them, so it is not strange to have have of popular leaders very poor in his speech , lack knowledge ,coverage of his topic, stuttering all along, being  symbol for others demand from you several things; good honest, impartial , straight, character, got  a lot of knowledge, avoid skeptics, specially financial one.
Politeness, when playing your ideas or suggestions is essential, it means you respect those who are listening to you, their minds ,educational levels, experiments, all these particularities you have to put it in your head when you are addressing others, such behave bring to you more and more acceptance, as a result of this they may accept your speech, today’s awareness is wide even amid ordinary people for the sake of mass media ,television ,internet , magazines, press, that time of pushing people by threatens, promises ,lies have gone, if it were happened, it would have been in suburb places not in cosmopolitan towns, even in far village where tribalism dominate is going to be less percentage.
WE need to lift our societies up, to be educated, well guided, to develop themselves by different science, it is matter if the education train pass you, you may compensate over your children, breed, feed them with knowledge this will satisfy you, and in them you see yourself.