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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Moonlight: The Horn of Africa is Targeted Region: Analysis

The Horn of Africa region considered as vitality and important because of its strategic location

, the region neighbor the Gulf area famous for producing oil and gas, the Horn of Africa contains vital waterways so that it became an attractiveness and pave the way for the foreign circles, which have strong willingness to find a foothold in the region. Who follows the situation after the Arab Spring revolutions he will find that there are foreign circles endeavor to dominate the area, which suffers from the long civil wars and domestic conflicts.
The region witnessed complicated political developments especially Yemen’s war constitutes a huge challenge facing the region in general and States of the Horn in particular. Anew regional alliance appeared in the Horn of Africa region exerted an efforts want to achieve political and economic goals, and every state wants to be an effective player in the region. If the situation continues as it is will pave the way for the foreign interventions in its domestic affairs and this will   leading to instability in the region? Particularly it suffers from complicated political issues and long civil wars, which were reflected in the citizen’s life. However, there are some regional circles attempt to impose their domination and finding full-support from foreign an influential external force.
The Horn of Africa has been mentioned as one of the most disputed regions of the globe. It has been experienced with a number of armed conflicts, ethno- linguistic disputes, religious radicalism where in it catches the attention of most developed nations including United States of America for their strategic interest over the region. Accordingly, this article attempts to identify and critically analyze the due reasons for an escalated war and instability throughout region. The Horn of Africa is challenged by diversified intra-state and inter-state conflicts among the neighboring countries owing to economic, social, political and historical grounds. Most of them were rooting to boarder and territorial conflicts and ethnic and religious polarization. There are also resource centered disputes especially on the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and River Nile the start of Ethiopia to construct the Great Renaissance Dam brings tension and anxiety among the three competing countries Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Though it is less sever, an armed cattle-raiding conflict in the frontier border lines of some of the states of the horn make them in trouble occasionally. Footed on identity conflicts, clan or religious based political parties struggle for power by provoking the peaceful society to get in to violence for their personal interests at the expense of the community. Even after the power these parties will be either dictatorial or against good governance which drives multifaceted dispute with in a society. However, it is possible conflicts to early warn them, strategic intervention and necessary action, if required, by the sub-regional, regional and international organizations. It is pertinent to use cultural conflict resolution methods by involving ethnic figureheads and religious leaders for discussion and to hamper conflict escalations.