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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Islam and Sponsoring Terrorism

Casting light on this issue is of high importance due to international status quo that faces hard challenges

as well as  many questions which are difficult to be clearly answered like war on terrorism, human rights violations, Conflicts among countries on boarders, water sources, energy...etc.
Caretakers to today's world events acknowledge that the world is passing by a very critical historical stage especially after September 11 events in America. The event that had classified the world into two camps, whether with or against terrorism.
America has gone far and classified three states as (Axis of Evil). They were Iraq, Iran and North Korea, pretending that these countries possess weapons of mass destruction, so in the light of these accusations, Iraq now is facing comprehensive security deterioration. The North Korea has semi given up the fight by recent destruction some of its nuclear facilities. But Iran is still resisting American's arrogance refusing to get rid of its nuclear weapons arsenal despite the international pressure.
Back to our main issue, we can say that Islam simply means to witness that there is no God except Almighty Allah and the prophet Mohammed (PRUH) is His messenger. It is a religion of peace, love, security, charity and co-existence. It is a religion of all with no exception. Other sets such as prayer Zakat, pilgrimage, Ramadan plus others would make it complete. Islam, Judaism, Christianity...etc. are all creeds that come from Almighty Allah to different prophets at different times for various occasions and situations. Islam had become the only right and acceptable religion by Almighty Allah, because other ones have been cloned by Islam, therefore, Islam being accepted as only religion that it must be worshiped and followed by all. Those who take another religion instead of Islam or even with it shall not be accepted from them as it being cleared in Holy Quran Islam has no any relationship with so-called terrorism nor sponsors it; there is entirely contradiction between them. Islam is a religion of toleration and peace. on the other side terrorism is a modern term being created by America and western community and even it has no specific definition, but according to my own stand point it basically means threat, fear, practicing violence against others, killing the safe and innocent people and terrorize them by way which enters a fear on their hearts in order to gain specific targets & interests or even as a result of difference in intellectual ideology, religiously, politically etc. Islam did not invited to terrorizing people wherever and whenever they are, Muslims or non-Muslims, nor encouraging for practicing atrocities. It always calls for diversity within unity and co- existence under mutual respect regardless the color, race religion or whatsoever.

Actually some outsiders, or those who have not enough background information and knowledge about Islam, instead of saying the word Islam they sometimes call it "Mohammedanism" and call those who worship Almighty Allah "Mohammedans" believing that Islam came from the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the people worship Him. In fact, this is wrong conceptions and totally rejected. They have to know well that prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is just a human being and had been selected to deliver the great message of the Holy Book "Great Quran" to all people without exception.
Most western communities look at Islam as a religion of terrorism depending on some non-acceptable and barbaric acts and behaviors which take place from time to another here and there from slice of people carrying some dogmatic thoughts. This look from western community to Islam and Muslims is unjustifiable, unfair and even cannot be accepted Islam has its constant principles which ensure the strong respect towards others It had given everyone a right of living, freedom, expression, and above all it had given people the right to choose a religion that they want, it is up to everybody to be Muslim or non-one it is up to anyone to act as he/she wants, everybody is responsible for his/her deeds and behaviors whether good or bad Islam is quite right and is above all other religions; it already called for the unification of people in general and for the respect of other creeds in particular. It has nothing to do with accusations and allegations of sponsoring terrorism. No doubt western communities always try to disfigure and picture Islam as a religion that supports terror, but the fact is opposite of that, it has not even a little bit relationship and tie with terrorism. It is a perfect and pure one. Western writers exert efforts to disfigure Islam's fame, the theory "The clash of civilization" which had written by the Samuel P. Huntington, the teacher of international relationship at Harvard University in America, in the last decade of the last century indicated that the world is entering a new phase in which the great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of international conflicts will be cultural. Civilization -the highest cultural grouping of people are differentiated from each other by religion, history, language and tradition.
The civilization will be the main battle line of the future. Conflict between civilizations will be the latest phase in the evolution of conflict in the modern world. Samuel went far by saying that the problem which faces the Christian west with the Muslim east is not Islamic extremists, but with Islam itself.
Undoubtedly America and its allies constitute western camp which seeks to impose its thoughts, cultural heritages, and dominance upon others under the umbrella and the pretext of new world order after the collapse of Soviet Union and its eastern camp. At that time a state of very conflict had taken place between east and west under the name of cold war and the policy of international reconciliation. In this regard we have seen, Francis Fokoyama has written his book "End of history" meaning that a new era of history emerged under the leadership of America which constitutes liberal democracy as a sole superpower in international arena without strong rival and competition.
To sum up we can say that the ongoing international political status quo and the absence of international balance in power had created a feeling of injustice, oppressing, dissatisfaction .etc.
Upon many nations all over the globe Moreover the endeavors of western community to undermine Islam and Muslims and raise up western civilization by introducing it
as a model one, at the same time picturing Islam as a terrorist religion and Muslims are terrorists is completely unacceptable and rejected. Wisdom said "violence begets violence". western community have to understand the lesson well and get benefits
from the past experiences by stopping ongoing trying of undermine the Islam's prophet Mohammed (PBUH) because such thing would consider as a back mailing, provocation and affronts actions to the Muslims elsewhere, it will create backlash and will raise anger, eventually its outcome will be the retaliation & revenge.