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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Advantages of the E-Examinations!

Hey! Don’t scare me of this dreadful word. EXAMINATIONS! I usually hate being told of

. Even its remembrance makes me giddy, and at times, it causes me nausea. To be sitting an exam is always, of a sense to me, that is typically like being sentenced to death; not that big difference between the two penalties.
Examinations, in fact, are a kind of a hidden ghost. The mere thinking of it, gives one a sort of fever, a rise in temperature, loss of appetite, nightmares, and bad sleep. Most of the failures, I believe, fail their targets because they develop a sort of hysteria that stands between them and their exams. Leave the victims in a great gap. They stand handicapped to act positively with their examinations.
Many guys describe this phenomenon as the cancer of the age. It is a sweet sort of punishment that examiners (examination-setters) imposed on the examinees, it seems that they weren’t experienced this experience. They have to change this habit, since they were once plagued with it. But, alas! The problem is likely to be solved. There in the far distance appears the shadow of the electronic examinations. Yes, the e-exams for short. But, what is that e-examination that everybody is talking about?
Alas! A nail is driven in the coffin of the paper- and - pencil exams. It is the modernization of technology era. The vast majority of things are computerized, until the age of the Internet of things comes a crystal clear fact. Now, we profoundly enjoy this new creation. Then, the issue of examinations is not an exception. Exams, now, are no longer that great headache, particularly after the adoption of the electronic exams, but what are these electronic examinations that every Tom and Dick is talking about these days?
An electronic examination, in fact, is a medium to assess the learnt subjects, electronically, of course. No pencil at all is to be used, except only as a pointer, also no papers are to be seen, except for side calculations or figuring out some digits in some mathematical sums. In fact, all what concerns the exam and its scoring is automated and computerized ; it all depends solely on the input and the learners’ output .Thus, the feedback will be gained in that ground.
Usually, the advantages of the electronic examinations outweigh the disadvantages. This new styling of examinations, will highly save the time in all its phases. Of course, the time will be fixed and determined beforehand. The countrywide can start the exam simultaneously at approximately the same hour. The computer then won’t allow the examinees to access or exit apart from the time limit. It is a machine that works out of that human emotive bias. It doesn’t differentiate between who and who. It just gives its results in a wink of an eye. Yep! Just in a fraction of a second. The second advantage is that it lessens the costs of the examinations; no papers, no answer books, marking pens, pencils, blue pens, and the many thrifty annoying invigilators. Third, comes the instant scoring and the result will be directly after collecting the last examination paper. Last but not least, like such a kind of examinations, compels the student to sweat to highly pass the exams, it presses on them, to closely and meticulously read their subjects if they have to trespass the terrible curve of this sort of assessment.
OUS, in fact, has paved the way to the all other institutions. The university held its last examinations electronically and of course, the countrywide. The university, in fact, has a branch in every state. The vice–chancellor in that great compulsion, he highly insists on having it electronically. At the end of the day, he has pretty well succeeded to crown his sweat in that great success of these examinations in all the states, to take the honor of being the first guy who executed this unique type of exams, in innumerable centers; for more than 20,000 students, in real times of hardship, and luckily, on serious complains are reported! We have nothing more to offer than engrave Prof. Abd – Araof a word of Congratulations! For this big hit, and that courageous step he has taken. This is in my opinion.