Dear Sir,
First, I congratulate you on taking the position of education manager in the municipality of Gedarif. I understand the wave of anger that has swept your Excellency in your recent visit in the aftermath of late mock examination. The phenomenon of an obvious deterioration in the outcome of general education is not novel one as it is an accumulation of years in which education retrograded.  Your description of condition at our respective school as "chaos"  is a personal viewpoint. I respect my esteemed colleagues and appreciate the effort that they exerted inspite of daunting surrounding.  The chaos by the sense of word lies in the educational policy. The new English curriculum is limited to 3rd and 4th grade as the change of syllabus is claimed to be gradual.  However, it is ridiculous to maintain teaching a revoked curriculum from 5th to 8th grade. I came across pupils who cannot distinguish between "B" and "D". As long the new curriculum is raise the linguistic capacity, why it is not generalized for the benefit of Pupils. Why do they continue to be the victims of a curriculum that proved its futility.
Otherwise, a  partial revamp would not have been made.   Any a waited remedial in the stumbling education process cannot be achieved in the hot breath and threatening teachers with an immediate resignation or their transfer to far-flung dismal workplaces.  Is there an article in the civil service law that confers upon a top official to impose on a junior employee the right to impose resignation? In my humble estimation, resignation is a private choice and decision. It is delivered to the education minister but not the education director. Why resignation is brandished as a weapon in the face of poor teachers? Why only the teacher resigns?!  Are not there officials who made blunders and disasters? They were promoted instead of being expelled! Why the teacher is taken for granted!  
The teacher morale is at the lowest ebb and any kind of intimidation will augment and increment the professional discontent, breed a psychiatric instability and spawn further resent ment and hatred towards this un-wanted profession.
In our school, there is a deputy headmaster and you were escorted by a number of educational supervisors. I wonder why they did not precede you to introduce your Excellency instead of watching an angry tiger leap.  I hope that we will be treated with dignity not with an impetuousness and arrogance which will just hit another nail in the coffin of education. What is required is calm dialogue and consensus on solutions not conspiracy and flex of muscles.  Apologies, If I'm harsh, But you have pre-empted the offense.
Yours sincerely.