My dear reader your duty towards your country is escalating daily, according to the matters which demand that, such issues oblige people with their different levels; educated, illiterate, to pay attention to this things which formulate an essential part of your life, the quick rhythm of modern life may not let you look at simple things that occur here or there, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t available, accident happens at every seconds, when they involve persons life people look astonished , in the same time they need to relook about the steps they have done to decrease incidents, such role is done the engineers ,and those categories are simple part of our society , they must be ask by authorities why such accidents repeatedly occur? What is their role to avoid such matters, we know roods, are instructed after intensified studies, to soil, sand, earth, cement, the amount which used to mix the materials must balanced, other wise disaster may happen, the rood may crack, holes may appear, this things indicate to one thing, the material used is not according to the standards, thus cracks reveal the faults, here should be accountability to determine who is responsible person of this grave mistake.
On the same context, price hikes it can be controlled if the be vowed not to buy goods, specifically, which are going to spoil quickly, this method is taken even at the modern countries, women alone without intervening from men, they stopped totally without holding conferences or making advertisements in press, social media, just an proclaimed decision, as a result of this action the prices are back, what astonished style they have done! It is the awareness which pervasive all the European countries, to the extend that they all come to one word, to combat hikes reckoning on their selves only, this shows how much the people care about their rights away off waiting for the governmental decrees to fight the phenomenon, beside this; it is clear that some merchants may try to hunt n the troubles water! I mean to say they may try to exploit the state of unbalance of the prices and take advantages of it, this worst side of the game to seize the opportunity of such conditions for the best of your self.
We should blame our self first, for the market chaos, why due to the absence of the popular role in combating the creeping market towards playing with folks living, every one of us is responsible of acting his role sufficiently and efficiently and not just keep criticism the government for not punishing those who play with prices at the markets, the issue is beyond that, it is clear that here in our country the people used to rely on the authorities to do anything for them, nowadays such things have finished ,you have to serve your self by your self, even at luxury places people serve them elves by themselves, no body will come and ask you what do you want to have? That time has gone, laziness, depending on single person to feed the entire house went without being back, pouring tears upon the split milk will not benefit, all should work honestly, without bias, tribe or ethnic relations, look round you countries have gone fare, and they overstep the matter of who you are, from where you have come.
This situation goes to the way we are dealing with garbage, some of us deeply sorry, specially those who went out as immigrants or expatriates, when they come back home they completely change; in behaviors, costumes .speaking, dealings, every thing they do you feel is strange it is not the same guy who travelled out to have better life for his family and parents, he has changed from A to Z, those who went out they saw how there people deal with litters, dumps, dirties, trash, the laws there forbid and punish those who violate the regulations, heavy fines will be placed on them! Why because you are not serious on keeping your country clean, if you are left without being asked others will fellow! By this method they learned how to participate in having a healthy weather, which by the passage of time encourage immigrants to leave their country of origin for the sake of being part of their community!! Risks are done to reach Europe why, because there is discipline respected and order followed.
Nothing is  worse than saying others have so and so! We have nothing, no we have got the longest Nile in the world, and its water is drinkable, natural lands, huge animal wealth, gold, working hands, what remain for us to have? Just we need to work consciously, fear ALLAH only, activating laws, no body above the law.
Those who com back from abroad must bring with teem the cons ,applying them here ,educate us how to do good to have better from our home graces, there is human beings and here also as well, we can be better than them , it is a matter of will then work ,every one in his field, no body then will us ,on the contrary they will imitate us, as some of our people do ,deeply sorry, surrender to depressing will destroy us completely, frustration as well do more bad on us if we look down our country, don’t say may homeland is bad no we are the best, we lack volition only, the get rid of courtesy, to be be really honest , to say what we do, then the results are going to change to better ,hence excellent, nothing impossible under the sun
I believe, when people unite their efforts, get strong will, support vulnerable, stand by poor people, place  the obeying of ALLAH first, they will have what they are eager to realize, what more than being safe!, having your daily food, this life as we have red in our holy book.