Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Inevitability of Further Moral Decay

About fifteen to twenty years back, it was undeniably true that younger people used to respect their elders much more than in the present days

. This suggests that the next couple of decades might turn into a nightmare for the elderly.
To begin with, it was a near mandatory set of norms for things like; a younger person giving away his or her seat to older ones in public transports. Not only on buses, but anywhere. In those days, each time the youths misbehaved, there would always be an older person who would be there to right their wrongs. Young men and women were always afraid of deviating from societal values in the presence of someone old enough to be their older siblings, parents or grandparents. However, things do not remain the same way they used to be.
Most apparently, parents, uncles, aunts, big brothers and big sisters have already lost authority to right the wrong doings of their younger ones. It is no longer a surprise to see teenagers yelling at their parents even though the later is the one who is wrong. In other words, it is now considered harsh for parents to raise their voices on their own children. On the other hand, it has become normal when these teens shout at own parents. The situation in question is probably triggered by the assumption that everyone has the rights to do whatever they wish to do nowadays, with the exception of breaking governmental rules. Children are considered only to be softly corrected of their inaccurate actions by their parents or older relatives. Societies do no longer accept it when someone else, out of the realm of family offers to fix the behaviors of others in anyway. In addition to that, it is very common for teenagers to occupy seats on the metro as well as buses, even when a ninety year old man or woman is standing, as he or she staggers in turbulence. The most shameful of all is that the younger ones do not longer have to pretend not to have noticed these standing aged people, by covering their faces with magazines as it used to be. In fact, the new generation has gained confidence to be rude, as long as what they are doing is not the act of breaking governments’ laid policies. In That means that, the world has been systematically twisted into the general though, that all acts which are not against the law, are rightful. In fact, those who believe in moral behaviors are now scared to speak out against misbehaving youths.
By observing how fast people lose their moral values, the situation is enough to shake every sane thinker, who believes that the world should be turned into a better place for all. Sadly enough, millions of people do not even seem to notice how fast our moral characteristics have continued to rot away, as the world heads towards the future. 
Regarding this particular moral decay, should we blame the TV, cultural merging or even ignorant parents? Most importantly, before we decide to blame whatever or whoever is responsible for the rapid fall of our good moral values, seeking ways to retain some of these beautiful values should be made our priority for now, else, the future will continue to sink  into this approaching unimaginable dark direction. Have you ever imagined yourself living the same lifestyle in the next couple of decades or less?