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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Thanks to Alla: To Where It Goes, Man’s Shortening?

What I want to jot down here right now is very astonishing, may be noticed by some of us or neglected by others

, it has come natural nowadays to not pay great attention to things happens before, due to to the fast track life we are witnessing these days, all are running to reach something connected with livelihood, sometimes you may collide with one’s while they are moving rapidly to where they know.
The point is, when our mankind father stepped down from the heaven executing orders from  Allah, he landed in India, with him brought some forests leaves, like  sandalwood, which are now grown intensify in India, his length reached the sky, so the angels he could hear the thanks of angels to Allah, for this the angels told  Allah about this, we know already that Allah knows what is running in his throne and the entire universe, as a result of this he shortened ADAM to sixty meter, what I want to mention her is that we are by the time and from that accident up to now, we are becoming short every there, between us some people their length may not exceed seventy centimeters, and now are practicing their live normally, what is that! I  imagine one day the length of the people may reach ten centimeter or less or more ,and then at the schools student are going to be taught that one day your grandfathers are mothers length were hundred seventy centimeters ! The students are going to be very surprised and other may laugh at us, time is running out of our and, while we are still quarreling about simple things happened among our societies, neglecting the important part of our life which represent in knowing the target of our being alive, we should ask our self why things are going like this ,matters are well organized, nothing of the animate or inanimate is not acting his role well, but behaviors are not the exact conduct that supposed to be done, some are deviating from the right road which it paved for them, annoying worshipers lord ,through committing crimes, devastating environment, looting properties, transferring gossips, making  disputes, all thing that spoil pure live they do it without shy! God guide them to the right path.
The notice I mention her does apply to the animals? I don’t know, Allah knows everything, because he is the creator of all creatures, am afraid that we may crowd the ant’s hole’s in their daily life, by the time they may thing of getting rid of us, who knows that day may come true. What makes people scare of tomorrow is the huge amounts of killing weapons ulterior or sold out to poor’s for experiments.
Going back in time, may remind us of the suffering that the first man faced, when there is no easy life as we have today, seeking for better live without being with strong values estimated from higher power will be the safety velvet for the man kind security, noticeable the hurried  rushing towards seizing comprehensive destroying weapons, actually and known by most wise and prudent persons these arsenals are not going to be used totally or partially because the owners themselves know hundred percent they are going to drink from the same cup which others have drank, in the coming war if it supposed to happen, it has no winner all are loser’s, beside this which is the most important part is; Allah will not tolerance those who seek to torture his slaves ,putting in mind that we are all created to know him and obey his orders, and construct the earth, that is our mandate here nothing else, what is between is the people interests not harms.
We want to remind our self and you, this live doesn’t deserve all this greedy, selfishness which we see, notice, notice, and feel, to enjoy our life moments we need to accept each other, what need is distributed Fairley between us ,unwritten letter to all people, but unfortunately is red and understood by a few people.
Denying natural facts, neglecting it, depend on science ,all these will not let us free from the coming, it just like telling you about something  fearful assured  will meet you at the corner , thus you have to take your measures to secure  yourself, if you paid great attention ,actually you will survive ,and if  you don’t care about it, when it happens no justification will be accepted. This is the universe today just run rapidly after wealth, pleasures, forgetting the cautious which it recited to them by their profits, what is result ‘decline in morals, decrease in ages, increase in disasters, growing of threats to lit wars, degradation of humanities.
Becoming short gradually is indicator to us ,we are heading down stepping backwards, it is a sign for all of us specifically clerics who know the facts of things and realities; to relook on our deeds, among us, those who went our beloved one’s will not return to tell us, what is done to them ,the calculations, accountabilities, being is not for nothing and it hasn’t to be, my advice to myself and you beloved reader make useful use of your time, exploit it in discovering the target of your existence, and prepare yourself well for the coming bitter reality.