Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Thanks to Alla: How to Participate in Lifting-up Your Country?

Today’s issue is to show how much you love your state, where you born, educated, grown up, married

, worked, lived, and other more things like ;times you spend, eating, drinking, wearing, having  funs, breathing clean weather, walking safely, day and night, the price for the graces you enjoyed are price less, you can’t imagine that you can pay back the graces you have taken from your country, so our country value is upper than your mind think, it is the sky limit, unimaginable, just say thanks to ALLAH you are Sudanese.
When you move from place to another, in it, never need to be escort, whenever you let down, you hear welcoming, when ask about someone, you find one direct you to your need, if lost your way, you meet someone to host you, what more do you expect to find?, this don’t mean that we are angles, we have somehow one’s outlaws, those who sometimes make disturbance, here or there, but fortunately they are always captured red handed, how is that happens, it occur due to people cooperate with the police, all our society is religious, against misbehaviors, so when things unacceptable happen they rush and report the nearest police station, you how our country is naturally secure!
If you compare our country criminal statistics with even progressed country, surrounded with cameras everywhere connected with controls rooms, also with security, police, general security, belonging to any country means, more passion must be given to him ,because it embraces you since you were a child, then a young man, hence a man, how can you reward him, much you do never equal one moment you spend within it’s borders, look round, actually the difference is clear, it doesn’t need illustration.
Rewarding your country comes through hard and sincere work, devoted to him without tribute or harm, how is that because you have taken more than you returned, real support is to do your best ,to get your dignity through work, not only any sort of work, but the innovation one, that give modern technologies, helps in cultivating lands, operating industries, flies airplanes’, manufacturing automated things, why not ,minds there are all created by ALLAH, just there is some one’s who motivate them , other just wait for others to give him, what they produce, the later we suffer much of him ,because nowadays they are accumulating, majority of our population have turned to be consumers!
The Pesticide is still whizzing on our ears, distancing her is not just by waving hands left and right, but by knowing why is  it comes to you?, our symptoms are clear,it is the disease of relying on foreign manufacturing which mesmerize most our people, they are well packed, look, attractive, easy found, so lazy people say why we fatigue our self and everything is available before us?, they have been trapped, unable to be released from the enemy traps, it is the admiration, being captured with your own option, feeling hard emancipated, the foes know their opponents weakness, that why the manage always when they place problems on the routes those people want to head, never left free to take decisive decisions to close their factories gross not buying their products, they know where and when to hunt, we lack this, deceiving is not inculcate in our innate, we are like other Arabian and African countries who are still innocent in their dealings with other,we still have the sense of welcoming without taking the caution or suspect even the guest come at mid night, we don’t have the fear of the others, due to our nature of respecting ,welcoming, expecting having good even from stranger, the way of cheating is odd thing to our traditions and customs, we socially till before the colonization era we don’t have the behavior of taking other people properties, it is illegal in our ISLAMIC scholars, thus’ cheating, deceiving, usury, hypocrisy ,insincerity, et cetra.
In spite of all the coming ills we have today’s majority of our community is still pure, honest ,honorable, holding values and manners annoyed our enemies up to now, they have succeeded in planting cores of obstacles in our societies, but have scored overwhelming failure in snatching the faith from our heart.