Current Date:

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Talk of the Hour: The Palestinian Cause Tops OIC Concerns

The reaction of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to the transference of the US embassy to Al Quds, is so prompt. This is well reflected in the emergency summit that was held recently at Istanbul of Turkey and attended by all member states to deal urgently with the matter.
The move is so shocking and has been condemned by all, especially the Muslims and Arabs all over the world.
Of course, Sudan is not the exception. Some members of the parliament were engaged in protesting the matter by wearing the Palestinian flag. Some had kept shedding  tears dearly, while the rest were noticed as raising voices high up in the air to say this phrase; ‘Allahu Akbar'-meaning 'Allah is the greatest'. 

The summiteers in Istanbul saw it as much appropriate for the Muslims worldwide to practically pressure on both US and Israel by using all methods, especially economically. All the products of the two of them should be boycotted.
Definitely, the US measure, is not without advantages, especially to the Muslims and the Arabs. It functions as a unifying factor to put differences aside and come holistically together as true brothers against the hegemony of both US and Israel.
Also, the move may urge the Muslim community to engage into unpredictable and catastrophic behaviour that nobody can tell as to where it may lead.
Moreover, the transfer of the embassy will increase rates of religious extremism which fighting and elimination, is much expensive, financially and otherwise. 
However, Unlike Trump, the US previous presidents, had never dared to transfer the embassy to Al Quds for fear of angering the Muslim and Arab world who might get involved into negative reactions.
Indeed, the Trump’s move will encourage Israel in particular to continue usurping the lands of Palestine and the humiliation of its people.

The measure also touches on a very sensitive issue which is Al Quds, since it means lots and lots to the Muslims and the Arabs universally. It is not only the holiest place for them, but for all the other heavenly religions as well. It is the heritage that should be preserved from any kind of encroachment and damage by US and otherwise.
So, if the US thinks that the transferring of its embassy to Al Quds will just pass easily, it is quite mistaken. If it is to insist doing it like this unheedingly, then it is only itself to blame and should prepare itself to all the worst scenarios to come.
Actually, the transferring of the embassy sets the bad example for others to follow suit, especially Israel which will consider it as the green light to carry out confidently its colonialist and expansionist policies against the Palestinian people. 
The US is supposed to play model roles and in all walks of life through sticking to neutrality concerning the Palestinian- Israeli conflict. It is supposed to exert utmost efforts in a bid of accomplishing a fair and lasting solution that is to lead to the realization of the two separate states.  It is supposed to universally preserve order to realize peace and stability. But, alas, its present action stands as the true stumbling block that will definitely delay the aspired for peaceful settlement.
It goes without questioning that, the maltreatment that Israel perpetually inflicts on the Palestinians, is quite akin to the one that is experienced by the Jewish during the Nazist era in Europe.
Sure, there are many influential circles, such as UN Security Council, that should be addressed to exercise all the due pressure on let Trump change the decision.
One final crucial point, should be vehemently stressed  here; the Palestinian issue,  should be incorporated very quickly into the school curricula to inculcate in the minds of the present young generations how just the cause of Palestine is and how wrong Israel is in wrongly usurping lands that it does not own.
And with regard to Sudan, its stance is like this; the Palestinian cause is its cause typically, till all the rights are wholly restored. 
 In conclusion, we can say this; in order to avoid repetition of monotonous stories such as the one of Trump, the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis should be quickly ended by letting the Palestinians to have their own independent state that is based on the borders of 1967, whose capital is Al Quds.