Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Sudan Journey to Combat ISIS Terrorist Organization

Islamic State in Iraq and Al Sham, the first letter for each word gives the abreviation ISIS

, but what is ISIS?  It is an armed terrorist organization, they clime that they are fighting in the name of Islam and their target is the restoration of the caliphate and Islamic law, this terrorist organization is mainly active in Syria and Iraq.
 ISIS organization had made a huge controversy since the beginning of its appearance; the media start to talk about it as a mean subject; who they are? What are their goals? Who is the main financier of this groups? Many reports and analysis had been made regarding the issue, some were saying it is one of Al Qaida branches in Syria, others say it's an independent organization seeking the restoration of the Islamic caliphate; as result of all that, it become hard for people to know what exactly is ISIS, its identity, target, goals, their actions was un predictable and they made many terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq and lately in Europe, thousands had lost their life in a very brutal way, demolishing of many historical places in Syria and Iraq and general massive destruction.
Furthermore, ISIS recruit their soldiers by using a very exceptional speeches and attractive litters about religion to different categories, especially young people all around the world, and sadly many young people joined this organization thinking that they are fighting for noble goal or a massage.
Sudan like every other country had been targeted by this organization, especially when it comes to recruitment of young people. But in other hand the government of Sudan had made a great effort regarding the issue of combating this organization or any other terrorist group. The government had worked side by side, with the international community, so they established national institute to combat terrorism. This institute had taken the approach of dialogue to stop extremism in religion and they made a great success in persuading many people, who was about to join this organization, and took them back to their families and communities. Moreover, the government didn’t just work on the people who was about to join ISIS, but also bringing back some of those, who have joined the terrorist organization.
 However, at same time this institute had appealed to the international community to not to connect terrorism with the extremism, because terrorism had different ways and it could be described as every organized action, that might cause destruction and threats the life of the civilians all around the world to achieve a financial, political or ideological aim not just for religion views.
Moreover, the government didn’t just work on combating terrorism by dialogue, Sudan government had issued in 2014 low to combat human trafficking and terrorism, to aim full control on the borders and to stop all kinds of terrorism crimes, inside Sudan or as a crossing to another country. Then they went further, and they worked very hard to stop poverty and to provide work opportunities to unemployed people to try to solve all the problem that can encourage people to become terrorist.
Sudan had made a great effort regarding the issue of terrorism and precisely the combating of ISIS organization. Sudan as Islamic country know quite well that Islam massage is spreading peace and what this organization is seeking for have nothing to do with that and with the base of Islam. The journey didn’t end and the road still long but with faith, hope and effort Sudan will succeed in combating all kinds of crimes not just terrorism….NO REGRETS…NO SURRENDERS.