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Saturday, 17 November 2018

How 'Leader' Antonio Conte caused Ryan Giggs Row with Sir Alex Ferguson

(Evening Standard) - Antonio Conte has caused Manchester United plenty of agony this season, and his tactical

prowess almost led to a rift between Ryan Giggs and Sir Alex Ferguson over 20 years ago.
Conte was captain of Champions League holders Juventus back in 1996 as they welcomed United to Turin, and inspired the Serie A giants as they edged the Red Devils in a 1-0 victory.
The former Italy midfielder and manager is now leading Chelsea towards the Premier League title in his first full season in England, though Jose Mourinho's United can put a dent in the Blues' ambitions as the teams face off at Old Trafford on Sunday.
Giggs spoke of his frustration in facing a star-studded midfield containing Conte, Zinedine Zidane (now Real Madrid manager) and Didier Deschamps (the France coach), with the winger feeling the infamous wrath of Ferguson.
"It should be said that in the absence of any options my attempts to dribble out of midfield that night were at the less successful end of the scale," wrote for the Daily Telegraph back in December.
"My argument with Sir Alex ended with me throwing a drink which hit a kit skip and landed at the feet of my boss. I knew exactly what was going to happen."
Giggs said he knew early on that Conte was a strong opponent, adding: "Back then I could tell that Conte was a leader, and a very accomplished player.
"I see something of that great Juventus side in his current Chelsea. First of all, that Juventus team was built on an excellent defence, and that very aggressive pairing of Paolo Montero and Ciro Ferrara, who are different players to the three whom Conte has at Chelsea but equally effective."