Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

More than 1800 Citizens Benefit from Health Convoy at Wad Shalaie Area

Khartoum-The Higher Committee for Development of Wad Shalaie Area in Gitaina Locality, White Nile State, has organized a medical convoy to the area comprising 25 medical and health cadres covering a number of medical specializations, with the participation of His Excellency British Ambassador to Sudan Mr. Irfan Siddiq and his family, who expressed his admiration for the area.
The U.K. Ambassador affirmed that the embassy of his country would work for supporting the efforts for provision of health services in the White Nile State in general and Wad Shalaie area in particular, lauding the initiative of provision of health services through convoys and benevolent people, expressing pleasure for visiting the area, the first of its kind outside Khartoum since his appointment as ambassador to his country in Sudan.
Ambassador Siddiq promised to extend direct and indirect support through organization to the area, saying that he would visit the area again, expressing pleasure over the warm reception and hospitality accorded to him by the people of the area.
Acting Governor and Minister of Health of White Nile State Dr. Tariq Braiqia has affirmed commitment of the government of the state to establish a rural hospital at Wad Shalaie area, pledging to provide health cadres and services at the Motherhood Hospital at the area.
He further praised the initiative of the Higher Committee for Development of Wad Shalaie Area.
Gitaina Locality Commissioner Al-Sammani Dafallah, on his part, pledged to upgrade Wad Shalaie Health Center to a rural hospital besides establishment of Prof. El-Tayeb Al-Khidir Tabidi Center for Motherhood Health, affirming readiness of the locality to implement the services plan presented by the people of the area.
Health Insurance Executive Manager, Dr. Al-Zain Saad, on his part, affirmed that the government of the state is working for the development of health services, noting that coverage of all citizens of the area with health insurance is about to be completed.
The community seized the opportunity and submitted its basic needs represented in enhancing irrigation of the fertile agricultural lands which amount to 3,000 feddans besides establishment of Prof. El-Tayeb Al-Khidir Tabidi Hospital and the requirements of general education including seating, offices and teaching staff.
It is noteworthy that more than 1800 citizens of the area benefitted from the services of the medical convoy, which was fully funded by the people of the area with SDG600,000.
Charity Works Foundation participated by a mobile eye hospital, that has provided big medical treatment for the citizens of the area.
The people of Wad Shalaie organized a Nile cruise in honor of the British Ambassador and his family and the participants in the health convoy on board a big steamer, where the Ambassador was honored by awarding him a magnificent shield embroidered with pure gold. This is besides granting certificates of appreciation to a number of personalities who participated in making the health convoy a success.
The efforts of the organizing committee of the program have found appreciation and praise, including Engineer Gafaar Hussein Salih, Dr. Al Amin Awad Al-Nur, the medical director of the convoy, Chairman of the People Committee at Wad Shalaie Osman Hussein Ismail and member of the higher committee Hamza Draig.
Those honored at the occasion also included family of late Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Yusuf, Dr. Abbas Mohamed Ibrahim, Dr. El-Tayeb Al-Khidir Tabidi and Dr. Al Fadil Mustafa.