Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Mama Africa Seeks to Transform Refugees into Producers and Reduce Negative Practices

Khartoum - Mama Africa Volunteer has embarked on training trainees to deal with refugees, migrants, displaced persons and displaced persons in cooperation with the Sudanese Refugee Authority.
The head of the organization, Ashraf Ahmed Karboss , said that the organization is working in the field of serving refugees in the humanitarian fields through the process of education, guidance and guidance and training trainees to carry out the awareness of refugees and migrants to raise awareness among these groups, stressing that the organization is the process of classification of refugees to train them on projects that correspond with them and help them in the areas of health Education.
He said that the organization was established in February this year, which aims to provide the refugees with a way of living, transforming them into producers rather than recipients of assistance and work to reduce the negative practices of some refugees among the host communities and reduce the income cultures of the Sudanese society that these refugees are publishing.
He stressed that the organization has organized a training course in the field of first aid and participated in a theater group in the celebrations of the Friendship Council with the peoples through the Self effort, calling on institutions and donors to provide support to this organization as the first organization working in such areas among the refugees in the Sudan and supported the cooperation of refugees supported by the organization and its support To play its role towards the refugees.
He said that the organization signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Commissioner of Refugee (COR)   and that it is now arranging to sign another memorandum with the Ministry of the Interior within the framework of its programs within the refugee community in Sudan.
The representative of the Commissioner of Refugee (COR) Ahmed Abusufian in the workshop organized by the organization of Sudan News Agency on the role of civil society organizations in contributing to the refugee issue in cooperation with the Refugee Authority provided a detailed explanation on the law of asylum in Sudan and the obligations of the host country and duties of refugees coming to the country.
 He stressed that the (COR)   is providing assistance to refugees in the camps and that it is currently working to limit and register the refugees from the State of Southern Sudan in order to know their real numbers and facilitate the process of providing humanitarian aid to them. He pointed out that any refugee with his country's passport is not considered a refugee. Aid or protection and that the embassy of his country is responsible for this.
He added that the process of granting political asylum is not considered hostile, but rather peaceful and humanitarian. The asylum seeker is expelled if he practices outside the law and public order and committed crimes, stressing that the refugee's duty is to respect the Constitution and the law. The right and authority to withdraw refugee status if the provisions of Article 6 of the Law on Asylum apply to it and that the law obliges the refugee not to move from one area to another without the prior permission of the authorities and the refugee card shall be withdrawn in case of travel outside the host country.
 He stressed that the refugees have the right to practice religious and cultural rituals, education and health, pointing out that the advantages of basic education are better for refugees than foreigners, stressing that the refugee is not allowed to establish political gatherings and has the right to free labor and does not have the right to carry out any activity that violates national security and public order. The Charter of the United Nations and the African Union or the Arab League, pointing to the importance of carrying a refugee card valid and show them when asked to do so and allow him to work after taking permission from the work and the delegation of refugees is not allowed to work for him in military institutions or civil service