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Saturday, 17 November 2018

SWU Provides Support to the Rain-affected Areas in Khartoum State

Khartoum – As part of the social responsibility, the Sudanese Women Union (SWU) in Khartoum State, with its seven secretariats visited the rains’ affected areas in Khartoum North on Monday 10th September 2018, providing assistance to 60 families in Abu Telaih and Wawisi West in Al Geili unit (some 75 kilometers north of Khartoum.)
Brigade (Rtd) Hassan Ahmed Hassan, Commissioner of Khartoum North Locality addressed the SWU convoy pointing to the importance of the joint efforts and visions. He appreciated the initiative of the SWU in Khartoum State. He affirmed the pioneering role of women in supporting the social programs and providing assistance to different sectors in the society.
Dr. Ahlam al Fakei, the Secretary General of the SWU in Khartoum State, head of the delegate explained that the dispatching convoy to these two affected areas is just to visit the citizens there and to provide some assistance of commodities, and to stand on the actual needs of these affected families, promising to discuss with the officials to solve the problems in Khartoum north at Wawisi and Abu telaih. 
Mariam Gusour the Secretary General of the SWU who accompanied the delegate appreciated the efforts of the SWU in Khartoum state considering this visit to the rains affected areas as starting point to support the social work in all parts of Sudan and to provide assistance to the families who lost their properties and shelters.
Barakat Hassan Arabi, head of the popular committee and two other members of the committee, in Wawisi west conveyed strong messages to the top officials represented into Khartoum Governor to visit the rains affected areas in Khartoum north at Wawisi  to stand on the volume of damages left by the recent rains that hit the area and Khartoum state in general .
Arabi urged the officials to take urgent administrative steps to solve the problem and to curb the phenomenon of flood of the Nile that threat the people every year during the rain and floods season. He disclosed the absence of the assistant equipment and tools  to the civil defense chamber to play its role in protecting the area from the influx of  the river Nile and creeping of water from under the houses that ell down or about  to destroy by the continuous rush of the river Nile.
More than 150 houses had been completely destroyed; families are shelter-less, others left their homes and the ruins to live with relatives in non-affected neighboring areas which created some sort of social problems that all extended families live in one house.
Head of the popular committee in Wawisi West explained that the area is one of the most ancient areas in Khartoum north date back to hundreds of years, but in a real need to re-planning their lands for the sake and protection of the citizens.
Tens of women at Wawisi  and Abu Telaih warmly welcomed the delegate of the SWU expressing their thanks and gratitude and pleasure with the visit.  They expressed their satisfaction with their fate and damages, looking for stability in the nearest future. Most of the women ask one question let the official come and stand on the real problems in the area.
From the editor
 These two affected areas in Khartoum north, are parts of many areas affected by the heavy rains hit Khartoum State during the last weeks. They are in a real need to protect them from the threat of the River Nile floods and the heavy rains.