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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Ammtar the Largest Arab Investments in Sudan

Food security has become recently, the main challenge facing the Arab countries and joint Arab action is to ensure adequate food for 350 million Arabs. However, the Arab food gap reached $ US 40 billion last year. In the production needed to meet the demand for food. According to FAO reports, the Arab food gap amounted to $ US 50 billion, 50 % Arab self-sufficiency of grain, 30 % of sugar crops and 30 % of oil under weak investments in projects in the Arab world.
 The share of the agricultural sector in Arab countries is less than 5 % of sectoral investments. Some experts believe that increased production is threatened by climate change, which in turn affects agricultural and animal production in most regions of the world. "If new methods are not applied the area of?cultivable and productive land will fall in 2025 to a quarter of the cultivated area of ??1960 because of population growth and land degradation," FAO says.
The Arab world is expected to face a food gap of about $ 70 billion in 2030 if public and private investments do not make at least $ US 5 billion a year. According to the Arab Food Security Investment report, The Sudan backed to the leadership after the world knew the possibility of achieving that strategy as it has become the only one in the arena today to achieve that saying to possess many of the elements and advantages that qualify for this in case of opening the door of agricultural investment and harnessing the state of all possibilities and overcome obstacles to investors.
The UAE agricultural investments are at the top list of  the Gulf investments in Sudan with an area of ??700,000 feddans out of 1.2 million feddans. At the same time, the Government of Sudan offers many facilities and investment benefits for companies and investors, including the acquisition of agricultural land for long periods of up to 99 years, in addition to the granting of land at low prices, with exemption from business profits tax and exemption from export fees.
The Government also provides free movement of funds without restrictions, as well as customs exemptions on machinery and equipment used in agricultural production. The northern state is one of the best lands suitable for wheat growing and feed, where groundwater is high. In accordance with the strategic agricultural plans, the state is working to encourage businessmen and businessmen to invest in these areas in an area of ??about 130 thousand acres.
The company has developed a successful model for investments. The project employs more than 750 workers of different nationalities, as well as a factory of central irrigation systems, the project benefited from the preferential advantages provided by the investment law project in which the UAE side owns 60% while the Government of Sudan owns 40%. After self-sufficiency of the UAE, the project is expected to cover the whole Arab region of feed for security purposes. Arab Food launched by the Arab University Land reclamation in a country such as Sudan was not the fault, but the rain company turned those deserts into green lands.
(60%) of the shares and the Government of the Sudan (40%). He said: The investment experience in Sudan was very successful, except for some small swings such as bureaucracy and delay. Transactions and land authentication. "We have planted so far  30,000  feddans in the northern state of which 5 ,000feddans  of wheat and  25,000 feed out  3,000 of acres of rice. "The productivity of this year was satisfactory and we imported grain from South Africa and the productivity reached about (24) mobile per feddan (120.000) tons," he added. "The obstacles in wheat production are reclamation. Land because wheat, according to him, needs equal land in salinity ratios, and that agriculture is done by irrigation from wells with high salinity.
The company aims to grow 25 million feddans in the short term in 5 states in each state, at a cost of one billion dollars. I expect the project to achieve revenues of $ 7 billion a year, Land, and added that land licenses of the complexities that the investor encounters, in addition to the application of laws and bureaucracy. He said Sudan was targeted for food security. "We will not stop cultivating Sudan until we plant all of Sudan," he said.
In terms of feed, he said that the company produces about 20 thousand tons per month for export purposes issued to the UAE and revenues of about 3 million and a half million dollars are entered as a difficult currency for the country, and talked about their future plans, a project worth $ 100 million of livestock , 
The project had started with (1500) heads of calves targeting the production of 5,000 of heads per month until we reach (15,000 heads of the completion of the project. Al-Moqattash said that the losses incurred by the project due to the recent fuel crisis amounted to 7 million dollars, while the cost of electricity 3 billion pounds per month, adding that the cost of delivery of the project amounted to 25 million dollars In the framework of social responsibility, he said: We dug two wells in the north by solar energy in addition to contributing to the establishment of a university and provide services to the people of the state to distribute feed to citizens and ensure the 500 families and training graduates and paving for the airport, pointing out that the company helps with its equipment in the prevention of disasters in the area in addition to a number of projects Charity Khalid added that the company has worked on exporting the irrigation system with a certificate of origin Sudanese for both Qatar and the UAE and is currently exporting it to Iraq, adding that the system provides electricity by 30% and water by 15% and an area of ??20% Engineer Hisham Hamida, director of human resources project, said that the proportion of foreign workers in the project accounted for 60% and that the candidate of targeting the Sudanese workers project is incorrect, pointing out that what happened was illegal objections to the workers were able to slightly resolve the solution, explaining that the project contributed to the economic revival of the region.