Current Date:

Thursday, 15 November 2018

SLM (Abdulwahid) Assassinations!

Following their continuous defeats in the battlefield besides losing the support of the citizens who discovered that the so-called Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)

is just a group of insurgents seeking their own benefits from the continuation of the conflict in Darfur, the movement turned to a new strategy represented by assassinating and targeting the prominent figures in the area.
The new strategy started after the considerable stability witnessed in Darfur and the start of the voluntary return of the IDPs to their home villages in the early days of 2016.
The assassinations targeted all those who assist in making the voluntary return projects successful.
Some of the movement’s elements were sent to assassinate one of Golo chieftains Ahmed Haroun Musa who is also an MP in the legislative council; but their attempt was aborted and the criminals were arrested.
The attempt did not stop as the SLM insurgents managed to kill chieftain Ahmed Bring Bring in Serong area west of Jebel Marra.
In 2017 the SLM elements assassinated one of Karon area named Yousuf Sala after his considerable contribution and cooperation in the voluntary return project; besides killing one of Kagro area chieftains and at the same time they managed to detain Chieftain Adam Suleiman east of Jebel Marra but he managed to escape from through NISS operation and arrived in Nyala.
In 2018 the SLM elements assassinated the IDPS and Voluntary Return Coordinator in Nirtiti due to his cooperation to repatriate the IDPs to their home villages.
Also the SLM elements assassinated Mayor Jibril Ahmed Ali who was also the Chairman of the Voluntary Return Committee at Al-Salam Locality because he succeeded to convince his community and tribe members to return to their home villages.
It is apparent that SLM (Abdulwahid) is fishing in the troubled waters through the continuous attempts of assassinations in order to hinder the successful voluntary return and the influx of the IDPs to their home villages after the considerable stability and the provision of their requirements in their home lands.
It is high time for the government to provide the necessary protection to the prominent figures including the leaders of the voluntary return committees and its members to enable them conduct their noble job perfectly.
As for Abdulwahid and his outlaws we advise them to reconsider their stances before it is too late.