“Nuclear security is the prevention and detection of and response to theft, sabotage, unauthorized access, illegal transfer or other malicious acts involving nuclear material, other radioactive substances or their associated facilities"
 Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regularity Authority (SNRRA) held a workshop in the period from 17th-19th July for African Diplomats in Vienna, in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the workshop purpose is to raise awareness among Senior level officials and diplomats to enhance knowledge and better understanding of the National Nuclear Security regime, including the legal framework.   
The opening session Tuseday17th of July, included three main speakers:
Representative of the IAEA/ Division of Nuclear security, Mr. Zephirin Ovedrago
He thanked the government of Sudan and SNRRA for their regular cooperation with agency to help in maintain the safe use of nuclear energy. He gave general view regarding the IAEA activities precisely, the division of nuclear security, also he emphasized on the importance of raising the awareness about the nuclear security and the safe use of nuclear material and radioactive material.
Mr. Zephirin also, explained that, despite the progress made in recent years, there are still nuclear and other radioactive material throughout the world which is not properly secured and it could fall into the hand of terrorists. Moreover, he affirmed that security of nuclear material and associated facilities has taken on heightened significance, because the threat of nuclear terrorism is real and immediate, it requires increased vigilance and collective action and this workshop is implementing that.

General Directorate for International Cooperation and Global issue, Ambassador Omar Siddiq
He extended his appreciation to the IAEA, for organizing this workshop together with The Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regularity Authority (SNRRA). Also he talked about how Sudan government is aware of the importance of nuclear security, and that resulted in establishing, regulatory body in Sudan taking all the national protocols and convention in consideration, to enhance the safe use of nuclear energy. Furthermore, Ambassador Siddiq talked about the current nuclear security situation and threat that, the world is facing especially terrorism.
Ambassador Siddiq also talked about the important role of Sudan government in combating regional terrorism in coordination with international parties. In the end he noted that this workshop will promote and enhance the concept of nuclear security to decision makers through the honorable diplomats in Vienna.

Secretary General of Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (SNRRA), Dr. Eng. Mohammed Hassan Abuuznien.
He welcomed the guests and gave a general remark about the workshop; also he gave brief about the approval of the Sudanese nuclear law that had been assigned by the president of Sudan on 26th of February 2017. The law stated that (There shall be established a regulatory authority to be known as'' Sudanese nuclear and radiological regulatory authority (SNRRA)''. And shall have legal personality, a common seal and the right to litigate to its own name and enjoys financial and administrative indecency to discharge its responsibilities''.
Furthermore, he explained that the main responsibility of institute is to apply safe, security and safeguards of the facilities, nuclear material, radiation sources and all activities involving peaceful use of nuclear energy and radiation technology in Sudan. 
Moreover Dr. Abuuznien had affirmed that the IAEA had played continuous and crucial role in establishing and strengthening national nuclear security, on that regards Dr. Abuuznien praised the IAEA efforts and commitments in supporting different activates of the SNRRA ,this workshop is a good example of this commitments.
The presenter of the papers was the first secretary in Sudan embassy in Vienna Mr. Ali Mohammed, who gave an introduction aboutNuclear security, contained general definition, objectives and principles, highlights on the essential elements of state's nuclear security regime. Furthermore, the papers contained examples of international and regional cooperation such as:
.Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies in Africa.
.ARAB Network of Nuclear Regulators (ANNuR).
.Nuclear support centers.
.NSSC network.
.Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network
.IAEA connect
.Control of Sources Network (CSN) safety.
Also the papers gave explanation for what lift to do regarding Nuclear Security:
Nuclear Security Regional Center for Decision makers and Diplomats in Khartoum (NSRCDD) for two objectives: Regional driving force to advance a common approach and commitment to nuclear security at the highest level and Promotional body for international N.S legal framework.
 Moreover, the papers highlighted the future possible plan and meetings: Experts meeting (diplomats) leading to ministerial conference on Nuclear Security in Nov-Dec 2019 and        Establishment of the center i.e. adoption of the charter.
The final outputs of the workshop were: Participation in effective implementation of INSSPs in Africa, Facilitate MS sates contribution to the nuclear security funds, to strengthen the nuclear security in the region through effective involvement of diplomats and senior official government and Facilitate MS state participation to the IAEA Nuclear security activates, to promote regional cooperation.

From the Editor:
Nuclear security had become one of the most important issue in the whole world, and it is a responsibility for every country that utilizing nuclear technology. Organizing these kinds of workshop, it's a remarkable sign for the collective work and cooperation between all African countries to create peaceful world for nations, and secure environments.