Khartoum – The Romanian/Sudanese Friendship Association has visited Sudan in the framework of boosting the relations with its peer in Sudan and to know more about the Sudanese people who have deep-rooted relations with Romania.
The head of the Romanian/Sudanese Friendship Association, Mrs. Rozerarle Alamesell stated to Sudan Vision during the ceremony organized recently by the Sudanese/Romanian Friendship Association in Khartoum, that their visit comes to boost the relations between the two countries to become stronger in all aspects, adding that they were somehow scared from the visit due to what they heard about Sudan and the conflicts in the country, but they found the contrary to what they have heard as the foreigners are living satisfactorily without any fears. She affirmed that she will reflect the actual image about Sudan when she returns to her country.
Alamesell said that she will visit Sudan against soon to exchange experiences, commending the professional performance of the popular bands which reflect the popular dances all over the country, affirming that she will also visit South Sudan.
For her part, the European Administration, Mrs. Michel considered the visit as an important popular event for the Sudanese people, affirming that deep-rooted relations between Sudan and Romania in arts, culture and social affairs, adding that there are big numbers of Sudanese who studied in Romania.