Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

H.A.S.S.S. Graduates a New Batch of Economic Journalists on Economic Media Strategy

Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies:
The need for a higher academy of strategic and security studies in the country has become urgent and crowned by the foundation and starting of the academy in 2006; whereas the concerned bodies, who strongly keen in national security matters in both regional and national levels understood that the traditional concept of security that is based on pure military perspectives has witnessed important changes despite its indispensible centrality. The concept of inclusive security on its political, economical, social, cultural and scientific levels firmly relied on science and scientific research, has competed the traditional concept.  The security cases which have become extremely important around the globe such as internal conflicts that include the use of weapons, wars between ethnics and tribes, cultural conflicts among a single country’s people by causes that now include the human general needs like food supply, water, clothing and proper housing. The challenges of globalization have also increased, cyber crimes, human trafficking and immigration, all these cases need a scientific study that would look into the causes of these issues to find a cure solution from security perspective that includes the nation and its global and regional surroundings

Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies was established in the year 2005 where it was opened under the Supreme Security Academy name, and in the year 2012, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research adopted Supreme Academic Strategic and Security Studies name instead of the Supreme Security Academy for being the most comprehensive name and most expressive advanced to its mission, which means the production of knowledge and build capabilities in the areas of strategic and security graduate studies, scientific research and training in the strategic and security fields. Emerged Academy came into existence edifice Sudanese scientifically strategic and security serves all national agencies and extends the bonds of regional and international cooperation, flying from a scientific approach them in the ranks of the academies and institutions, universities and prestigious, but unique and strategic security who devote the effort to enjoy the Sudan security, safety and confidence out of that strategy and security are the essential foundation for the protection of cultural and developmental gains and achieve comprehensive development.

Graduation of Economic Journalists:

Within its endeavours to upgrade the capabilities of journalists H.A.S.S.S. organized a training course on the Economical Media Strategy.
In the graduation ceremony, H.A.S.S.S., Deputy Director, Major. Gen. Dr. Abul Hassan Al-Fadni emphasized, in his address, the important role of the Academy in upgrading the capabilities of media outlets through organizing such training courses in economical media strategy to contribute in amending the conduct of the trainees by the new approach towards the strategic and security aspects.
He added that H.A.S.S.S. is concerned in training the leaderships; pointing out to the implementation of several training session inside Sudan and abroad.
He promised to continue that partnership with the Sudanese Journalists Union to enroll reporters in Master Degrees and PhDs in concentration of the strategic and security dimensions.
For his part, Sudanese Journalists Union President, Al-Sadiq Al-Rizaigi said that economy has become a partner in all aspects of life, pointing to the challenges facing Sudan.
He called on the H.A.S.S.S. to provide more training sessions on economy, pointing out to the importance of establishing a taskforce from the graduated batch to work in the economical aspect, pledged to organize continuous courses in economy, lauding the role of the Academy in providing training opportunities.
The trainees’ representative said that the training course reflected the principles and the meanings adding that the lecturers were very keen in providing updated information and analysis on the issue.
It is worth noting that the course took place at the H.A.S.S.S. premises during the period 22 – 26 April.