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NCPD Secretary General highlights the implementation of SDGs

Khartoum – Secretary General of the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD), Dr. Limiaa Abdul Ghafar  has highlighted the role of the NCPD in implementing the goals of Sustainable Development in a full text of interview to Sudan vision . She tackled different topics including the NCPD policies, its relations with the local, regional and international partners of Development,  Pointing out to the demographic change in Sudan, explaining that more than 48% of population of Sudan are youths, calling for investment in youth as a focal factor for development ,indicating to the Government policy in setting strategies  employing the youth, through financing programs.  She called for integrating efforts of the government, private sector and the civil society, considering the youth as part of decision-making. Beside supporting the role of the private sector in benefitting from this important sector in the society, she appreciated the expected role of youth in making the positive change towards development by using science and technology . 
Dr. Limiaa   explained that the population policy in regard to many issues, including the impact of internal migration from the ruler areas to the urban areas, the imbalanced development, and the efforts of back to the ruler areas.   The illegal migration, the crossing borders migration which sometimes become permanent  migration for the instability and the insecurity in the neighboring countries  and the challenges facing the state in dealing with such issues pointing to that Sudan has exerted great efforts in this regards.
She called for more policies to face the issue of crossing borders migration and its negative impact and threatens on Sudan pointed to the role of Sudan in welcoming those who migrated from their home countries for different reasons. Sudan needs policies to mange this migration with its all shapes and reason.  
She pointed to state commitment with the implementing goals of the Sustainable Development 2030 which coincides with Sudan 25 years strategy of 2006-2031 for development.
 Regarding the recent visit of the UN delegation to Sudan to check the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) who reported positively that  has exerted noticeable  efforts in implementing the SDGs , promising with other visits in the coming future.
She described the visit of the UN officials as a good opportunity for Sudan for discussion and dialogue with the UN delegation to inform the UN and the World community and reflect  what is running in Sudan, adding that Sudan has done well in implemented the goals of the SDGs  through  the reports raised by the UN delegation after the meetings that held with the Sudanese governmental officials and the NCPD, parliamentarians and academicians .