Khartoum- The Higher Committee on Weapons Collection of Central Darfur State has set October 10 as the deadline for the end of the voluntary collection phase and start of compulsory one.
The Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Mohamed Musa, has directed the backup forces -People's Defense Forces, People Police and the Borders Guards - to put their weapons inside the Armed Forces storehouses before beginning of the phase of forcible collection in next October.
He directed the official and popular leaders to enlighten citizens about the government’s decision that bans illegal possession of weapons and use of unlicensed vehicles.
Commander of the 21st Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Ahmed Suleiman Al-Tayeb, who is also the Chairman of the Technical Committee on Firearms Collection, warned of reluctance in handing over the weapons in the phase of voluntary collection.
Chairman of the Central Darfur State Legislative Council, Azhari Al-Haj, called on the citizens to fully cooperate with the campaign which serve their interests.