Khartoum - Khartoum TV channel, in its weekly English Program ‘Open Debate’ hosted on Tuesday at 10 pm Sudan Vision Managing Editor Muawad Mustafa Rashid, to highlight the current political issues concentrating on the expected permanent lifting of US sanctions on 12th October 2017. These Economic sanctions imposed against Sudan since 1997 which partially lifted last January at the end of US Ex- President Barack Obama Administration.
The program presenter Abdul Ghafar Mohamed Yahyia (Agaji ), from Khartoum TV Channel warmly welcomed Sudan Vision Managing Editor who calmly answered the most updated questions concerning the hot issues in the political arena.
The 30 minutes talk show tackled in an open informative debate the lifting of US unilateral sanctions which continued for two decades since 1997, and its negative impacts on all Sudanese not only the government. The programme tackled also the current visit of Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, Minister of Foreign Affairs to US and the expected positive results of this visit.
Rashid in his informative presentation and discussion appreciated the recent visits of the American congress delegates to Sudan which might push forward the permanent lifting of the unilateral sanctions next October 2017. He added that removing Sudan’s name from the terrorism sponsoring states is one of demands, especially after the recent testimonies from the UN concerned organ and the appreciation of the international organization to Sudanese concerned institutions in regard to the tremendous efforts exerted by the NISS and the National Commission for Countering Terrorism in supporting the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team of the Security Council Committee in its mission.
Open debate programme raised many questions including what is actually expected if the sanctions are lifted on October 12.
Sudan Vision Managing Editor called on the Ministries of Finance and Investment to set emergency plans to attract foreign companies to invest in Sudan, pointing the apparent desire of some diplomats working in Sudan to urge the companies in their countries to enter into businesses in Sudan to benefit from its rich potentials and resources if the sanctions are lifted.