Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Joint Force Restores Five Looted Vehicles in Al-Fashir

Khartoum - A force of the joint operation room of the regular forces at Al-Fashir Locality was able yesterday to restore five Vehicles that had been looted by criminal gangs during the previous days.
The same force also managed yesterday to seize a Land Curser vehicle that had been used by these criminal gangs in looting and intimidating the citizens of Al Fashir town.
The Commissioner of Al-Fashir Locality, Al-Tegani Abdallah Salih, affirmed in a press statement yesterday full confidence of the locality in the capability of the regular forces in maintaining security and the rule of law, lauding their role in apprehending the lawless and criminal elements.
The Commissioner affirmed that they are pressing ahead with the implementation of the directives of the Presidency pertinent to collection of weapons and the illegalized vehicles.
He congratulated the regular forces on the great accomplishments they have achieved in the various fields for maintaining the security of the citizens and protecting their properties.